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Up & Away

Take a moment to think about where you are today, what you have achieved, and where you are heading. Hopefully, you are feeling good about your accomplishments and endorphins are roaming freely. You’ve got everything to feel good about!

On the opposite hand you could be tormented by negativity (in a depression), and instead of overcoming such a burden, you don’t feel as though you are growing. It is like a heavy bag of potatoes is wrapped around your shoulders which is pulling you down. So, what is going on and how can you invert the situation to turn the tide, submerge to the surface, and climb out of the hole?

Trust me, you can do it! Realize you are much more. Find the door, open it, and walk out. You are not in prison. Go out and breathe! Take a gasp of oxygen, hold your breath, and use your alpha-brainwaves to guide you. Feel energized, change your state, and feel the fate! Get to the gym as quickly as possible to energize your whole body and mind.

It is easy to say when you are high, the ideal state to live because you are happy and fulfilled to be alive, loving every minute, and poised to embrace everything coming your way even if a sharp sword is clipping your outer skin. You are confident because you are aiming high, aiming for perfection, and understand that the law of attraction is coming your way whatever hardship you have to face. In fact, you know only too well that to get to the top you have to make sacrifices, overcome negative energy, and accept failure.

Once you really understand what’s possible and what isn’t, then you can do whatever it takes to climb the ladder of success, expecting hardships and appreciating no one gets to the top by sitting back, feeling sorry for themselves, and not participating in the hard graft required to get there.

Depression is simply a state of mind, whereby a bad decision has been taken to get there. If you are there, then either make the decision to work on yourself, your physical wellbeing, and your emotional state to deal with it, and or seek professional advice and counseling.

Luckily, my dad disciplined me into seeing the bigger picture, but I didn’t go without suffering from feeling sorry for myself, or trying to be accepted, or playing the victim game. Most of us suffer spouts of worry. It is natural to have some doubts. Nevertheless, deal with it, overcome the frustration and reposition yourself. Update your self-development and make it your strength to knock down hurdles that get in the way.

I know you’ve got what it takes. Believe in yourself and go after your dreams.

Take care!

Prof, Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Up & Away (phrase) = "You're up, up and away" is often used to express the idea of someone or something rising or ascending to a higher level or place. It can be used in a literal sense, such as when a rocket takes off or a plane takes off.

Roaming (adj) = wandering, roving, travelling, drifting, (ant) stationary

Alpha-brainwaves (n) = are seen in the electroencephalogram (EEG) during a normal wakeful state where the subject is quietly resting. Beta EEG are present when a person is alert/attentive and thinking actively. Theta rhythm (Stage 1) of sleep is present during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. 

Fate (n) = destiny, fortune, chance, providence, luck, doom, outcome, upshot (result), end

Spouts (n) = can be a spout protruding from a tea pot or coffee pot. (v)  to talk at length. In the above article spouts of worry are periods of concern about what we are doing and if it is worth it, or should we just give up and become complacent with our situation

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