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Time to Relax

Time to relax and get it right whether an employer or employee. Passion is what fuels productivity while making work an enjoyable experience i.e., flowing through your job relaxed. In fact, with the right attitude you it can affect your health big time by making the whole experience pleasure!

Company culture is a huge contributor to employee satisfaction. A toxic work culture is draining for employees and ultimately causes workers to lose motivation and seek other opportunities.  

These statistics highlight why organizations should focus on building a strong company culture.

  1. 79% of U.S. workers say company culture is an important job satisfaction factor.

  2. More than 50% of CEOs believe corporate culture impacts productivity, creativity, profitability, company value, and growth rate.

  3. Only 34% of U.S. employees are engaged at work.

  4. 67% of employees with access to free food at work are “extremely” or “very” happy with their job.

  5. Close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by 50%.

  6. Employees with a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to be fully engage in their work.

  7. 70% of organizations have adopted values-based employee-recognition programs.

  8. 60% of employees consider their colleagues to be the biggest contributors to job happiness.

  9. 57% of remote workers are satisfied with their job; only 50% of in-office employees agree.

The top three factors that contribute to job satisfaction are job security, opportunities to use skills and abilities, and a company’s financial stability.

The following statistics show why individual job satisfaction is crucial to the workplace.

  • Employees who feel their superiors treat them with respect are 63% more satisfied with their jobs.

  • 83% of millennials say work-life balance is the most important factor when considering a potential job.

  • 62% of employees in managerial positions report high job satisfaction levels.

  • 72% of professionals say having more work benefits would increase their job satisfaction.

  • 96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way of improving employee retention.

  • In 2019, only 50% of employees thought their CEO is empathetic.

  • 91% of highly engaged employees report being satisfied with their professional development opportunities.

Of course, if you really aren’t satisfied, or see yourself blending into mindfulness to wishful thinking and adapting to the time to relax approach, then clearly it is time to move on.

Lastly, never resign until your new job is settled and the new opportunity fits the bill.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Mindfulness (n) = means living in the present moment. Essentially, it means being (intentionally) more aware and awake to each moment and being fully engaged in what is happening in one's surroundings – with acceptance and without judgment.

Wishful thinking (n) = an attitude or belief that something you want to happen will happen even though it is not likely or possible.

Settled (adj) = established, stable, solid, firm, steady, mature, (ant) unsettled

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