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The books below have been written for beginners, and intermediate to advanced level English students. Some of these high-quality sources include vocabulary builders, multi-choice questions, and crosswords for study purposes which are essential for comprehension, grammar, and fluency. They can be used for self-learning at home, or for one-on-one or group ONLINE classes.


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The Entrepreneur Business, Carl's first book for advanced level English students was written in 2012, and published by an English publisher in the United Kingdom. It demonstrates deeds of excellence in the development of business success. Aimed at youngsters to more professional executives it supplies bountiful ideas to get self-employed businesses up & running. 

Topics include help to overcome obstacles with focus on different aspects of the venture that help set-it-up to win. Attention to detail is majorly
important when a new venture takes off from day one. The Entrepreneur Business is a Kindle book and can be read online. Click on the book cover for more details.


Deeds-2-Improve is an ENGLISH LANGUAGE and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT book and communication booster aimed at optimizing fluency while teaching life advancement skills to take intermediate and up level pupils to the next level. Written in 2019 it enhances career prospects while being in a class of its own with top-notch tips.

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This high-quality resource is fantastic material to build self-esteem. It's detailed contents bring out leadership skills while creating a warrior type attitude. There are vocabulary builders after each chapter, multi-choice
questions, and cross-words for added performance. Deeds-2-Improve is available in softback. Click the book cover to get a copy delivered directly to your doorstep in Brazil. 
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Easy English is a 2021 self-study e-book to help students remember basic English. It contains 10 lessons from introducing oneself to simple conversation, how to use the auxiliary verb DO and modal auxiliary CAN, to Verbs + TO BE, questions and answers, Frequency Adverbs, etc., and many
other useful tidbits of information. This book is cost FREE. Sim, gratuito! Peça sua copia.

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