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Aim for Perfection

Having the perfect body aesthetically must logically be an incredible accomplishment. Imagine others looking towards you and envying your pleasant curves, your sexual attractiveness, and symmetry that shines!

However, to have that perfect look which comes naturally to just a few whilst the majority need to make adjustments to try to improve their figure and appearance. That could be working out, dieting, and for others; plastic surgery, or other dietary supplementation that stimulates muscle mass. Getting the bulges in the right places can cause others to gaze affectionately.

I’ve been striding for perfection since my eighteen year’s old motorcycle accident, alas my body is far from perfect. With man boobs I ought to be heading to the plastic surgeon, but I don’t. In other words, I’m content that I’m exercising regularly, eating supposedly healthy food most of the time, and taking vitamin and nutrients supplementation to maximize my results. I’m aiming for perfection while knowing full well that I’ll never get there.

Aiming for perfection is an attitude, a mindset, one that understands the need to stretch one’s ability to improve. Not just visual aspects, but rather an overall posture towards gaining ground, enhancing outcome, and managing to grow. Yes, growth is an ongoing phenomenon that continues all throughout life until the final moment of our journey.

Our circumstances are surrounded by our aim for perfection even if we never reach that ideal chiseled effect. The satisfaction and fulfillment we create from aiming for perfection are rewarding enough to give our healthspan real meaning.

Bottom line is, it’s more than what’s written above because the driving force behind aiming for perfection creates other tangible affects on the law of attraction. The state of everything in our external world, our bodies, our relationships, the robustness of our careers, and our finances. These are a direct reflection of our internal state.

Don't waste any more time, aiming for perfection is your ticket to the seventh heaven!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Aesthetically (adv) = appealingly, beautifully, artistically, visually

Envying (v) = coveting (craving), resenting, begrudging, be jealous of, be envious of

Symmetry (n) = regularity, balance, equilibrium, evenness, proportion, (ant) asymmetry

Affectionately (adv) = warmly, lovingly, tenderly, kindly, caringly, demonstratively, (ant) coldly

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