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Football Synergy

Atualizado: 13 de jun.

Two teams that have the capacity to perform consistently because of their synergy are Pep’s Man city in England and Abel’s Brazilian Palmeiras FC. Both squads are on opposite sides of the world, however they share a common denominator – spiritual guidance that knows no bounds as top performing coaches.

Like Josep Guardiola from Manchester City, Abel Ferreira who heads Palmeiras FC is a man on a mission. His tenacity is a cut above the rest because he believes strongly in bringing out each players finest quality by building rapport in a natural chummy manner which has taken years of perfection. However, there is much more to it than that!

Synergy is the sum of the team being more than the total sum of its individual parts and the unique situation where the best individual performance on the team, does not outperform the team’s performance.​ Put another way, synergy is the ability of a group to outperform even its best individual member.  

Team synergy is a critical element for high-performance Teams. Synergy can occur in any team context, whether it is in the corporate world of business or in sports teams. Synergy occurs often in music when you are listening to your favorite band. In this instance, the sum of all the individual group members creates an amazing effect where they combine to deliver a wonderful sound. The instruments work together in harmony to produce a unique product which can be impossible to create by anyone else. As you know, any band can play Beatles’ songs, but there will only ever be one Beatles band.

If all players are playing well then one would expect them to win against another team. In football though it isn’t always the case. There are many factors involved from one game to another. At the end of a game, the coach will reflect on what happened, the individual merit and overall team performance. That is all very well to pinpoint areas for improvement. Coach Abel is one of those coaches who uses his inner ability to decipher what he can do to help his team perform better than ever.

If all players perform well, then one could presume 10 from 11 players = 110. Although that performance is very good, there are no guarantees of winning, especially if the other team of players are just as prepared. With this in mind, synchronizing the team’s efforts so they perform in harmony at the strength of the highest-level player might be the next best option.

There is always one player better than the next. If players aspire to enhance their performance which is the norm, and then embellish their team performance by working on synergy to increase by 1% point then that will make all the difference in game performance. It is rare to get to this level of high-performance, but when it does happen, some pretty incredible results can be achieved.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Synergy (n) = interaction, cooperation, collaboration, working together, combined effect, concerted effort

Common denominator (n) = A common denominator is a characteristic or attitude that is shared by all members of a group of people. I think the only common denominator of success is hard work.

Knows no bounds (idiom) = to have no limit. His generosity knows no bounds. In other words, nothing will limit their effort

Rapport (n) = relationship, understanding, bond, link, affinity, connection, empathy, affiliation. fellowship

Pinpoint (v) = locate, identify, isolate, find, determine, pin down, nail

Synchronize (v) = harmonize, coordinate, orchestrate, bring into line, make tally

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