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Overcoming Weakness

Atualizado: 21 de mar.

Growing up throws countless derogatory situations at us. We could be insulted, belittled, or criticized when we honestly are trying to do our best. These instances upset us, make us feel unwanted, and question our ability. If we get trod on enough it can weaken our attitude, and even make us gullible, or desperate for affection and support.

However, we are alone! It doesn’t even matter if someone is there to give a helping hand at times of need. People cannot be there 24/7 to hold us up, give us encouragement, and the strength to overcome adversity. We have to stand up to these difficult moments, learn from them, and enhance our ability to deal with them; to become better.

Clearly it takes time to deal with these matters, and rightly so. But did you know you are more than you are living. You have the strength to take the negativity around you and turn it into positive while productive accolades that define your steadfast attitude to becoming a better person. The fact that others show their weakness by criticizing you, defines your strength.

Have you tried conditioning your thoughts to those that reinforce your beliefs? Remember, your number one friend is you. Talk regularly to see how you feel. Remember by telling yourself you are more than you are living will make you realize you are in control. It’s up to you. If you put yourself down you will feel vulnerable. If you put yourself up you will feel invincible.

The key is to realize we are all in the same boat. All of the human race are made up of the same body and mind. Yes, some are better conditioned. But anybody can seek success in life. It isn’t limited to a select few. In other words, you are as good as anyone, if not better. By reasoning with yourself you are able to determine your direction, make the effort, and stride forward to win.

Even if you lose at the final, you can mentally pick yourself up, and try again. It isn’t about the failures, but it is about your attitude which is speaking positively with yourself, taking a committed and resolute decision to carry on and try until. Keep trying until you are winning the battle with yourself. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Derogatory (adj) = offensive, insulting, deprecating, belittling, pejorative, critical, (ant) complimentary

Belittled (v) = from the regular verb to belittle. (syn) demeaned, disparaged, decried, derided, depreciated, rubbished, put down, (ant) praised

Trod on (phrasal verb) = from the irregular verb to tread which means walk, step, plod, but when followed by a preposition like tread + on, changes its meaning i.e., tread on = put pressure on something like a foot. However, it is often used with peoples’ attitude like in present perfect tense: “John has trod (trodden) on the employees ever since they began working here. Consequently, many have given up their job with us. No one likes a bossy manager!” By the way, it doesn’t mean literally trodden on the people, but rather put too much pressure on them.

Gullible (adj) = naïve, susceptible, innocent, trusting, accepting, easy to fool, (ant) smart or streetwise 

Encouragement (n) = reassurance, help, inspiration, cheer, backing, reinforcement, lift, support, back-up 

Overcome (adj) = overwhelmed, speechless, dazed. “After being fired she was overcome with sadness.” Or amazed, dumbfounded, stunned, knocked for six. “Winning the lottery for such a large sum of money, he was overcome with happiness.” Or “He was overcome with pleasant emotions from winning the race.”

Enhance (v) = improve, augment, increase, boost, enrich, heighten 

Accolades (n) = awards, tributes, honors, praises, compliments, rave review

Steadfast (adj) = unwavering, unfaltering, resolute, persistent, committed, dedicated, unswerving

Seek (v) = pursue, search for, try to find, hunt for, seek out, pursue, try for 

Failures (n) = disappointments, letdowns, catastrophes, fiascos, disasters

committed and resolute = Committed implies a deep level of dedication and involvement, while resolute emphasizes a strong and unwavering mindset.

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