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A Man's Best Friend

Dogs are wonderful creatures, as they bring a sense of connectiveness and loving affection. As pets they fill a void while bringing happiness to owners. Although some people prefer pets to human beings, saying they are much nicer, there are others who are aware of their intellectual skills.

Man’s best friend barks when least expected, craps and pees around the house which means dried poos need scraping from floorboards, and they can be childishly annoying when they want attention.

Owners become attracted to their cute complexion and compelling gestures. They spend income pampering them with food and snacks, toys to play with, grooming, and whatever it takes to make them feel part of the household.

Dogs lay around most of the day, approach you when they want affection; look at you sympathetically to find your weakness to either get your attention, comfort, or to feed them. They are true companions, man’s best friend; especially if you love them. They are friendly loving creatures that bring joy to homes across the globe.

They have cultivated a winning combination from generation to generation based on playing the game to get what they want. If you really think about the topic then they don’t have to work for their keep, as they are too busy relaxing on soft cushions, or leaving messes for owners to collect and dispose.

Additionally, purchased on their behalf there is food readily available, and if it isn’t they’ll make sure you are aware by leaving a sign of their discontent. It could be in the form of wee-wee in a prominent place, or poo-poo to get your attention.

Owners are obliged to walk and clean up after them, then take them to salons for haircuts and shampoos, have their nails trimmed, or to the vets if they present any kind of health problem. All this comes as part of the package (parcel) which for them is cost free.

They are crafty little devils who have won the hearts of dog-lovers worldwide!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Bark (n) = woof, yap, growl, wail, howl

Crap (n) = poo, shit, excrement. “Mind the dog’s crap!”

Pee (n) = wee-wee, piss

Scraping (v) = scratching, rubbing, scrub, scour, rasp

Pampering (n) = indulging, spoiling, coddling, treating, mollycoddling, overprotecting, fussing over, cater to

Grooming (n) = coaching, dressing, training, preparing, mentoring

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