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Like everything, circumstances make a big difference when choosing a holiday vacation abroad. Yes, Brazil has a high crime rate, but it isn’t everywhere. One thing is for sure! The people are friendly, and there are many places that with sensible perception to any provocation are wonderfully pleasant to visit and have fun. The spots to visit have incredible scenery, enticing ambient, and first-rate hospitality.

Photo: Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil

Even though Brazil's crime rate numbers falter in comparison to several Central American and Caribbean nations, it ranks fourth in South America, in terms of homicide rates, following Venezuela, Ecuador, Ecuador, and Colombia. The rise in crime may come as no surprise, as Brazil has one of the highest income inequalities in the region.

That being said, after being robbed at gunpoint, and having my cash pickpocketed the first year in Brazil, I have encountered no other incidences in the last 37 years since arriving. Before you laugh, and say well that’s all right then. No, it isn’t, and I can understand the worry that many tourists have because of such circumstances; it puts a lot of people off of coming to Brazil. Putting your feet in other people shoes can help you understand potential flaws and pave the way to improving circumstances.

Common destination points include Rio de Janeiro which has a vibrant drug trafficking cartel, whereby shantytowns blow up in police fights and a number of the mob get killed. Then these clashes can turn into buses being blazed. Don’t worry, it’s behind the scenes, out of tourist location points of interest. In other words, stick to Copacabana beach and reputable places which are abundant.

A magnificent coming together of land and sea, the long, scalloped beach of Copacabana extends for some 4km, with a flurry of activity along its length: over-amped soccer players singing their team's anthem; Cariocas (Rio residents) and tourists lining up for caipirinhas (Brazilian cocktail) at kiosks; favela kids showing off their soccer skills; and beach vendors shouting out their wares among the tanned beach bodies.

Don’t go around talking in your native tongue loudly as it could get local pickpockets interested in grabbing something like your mobile phone or wallet. I mean, there are pickpockets all over the world in busy locations, so the key word here is common sense. You wouldn’t leave your hard-earned cash loose on your beach towel, would you? It really comes down to making sure you go out with only the necessary and paying attention to who is around you.

Brazil has many beaches, as the coastline goes all the way up from the south to the north which covers 7,491 km, so there is no lack of beaches to chill-out on. However, some are better than others. I wrote a blog recently which touches on the beauty of São Paulo's coastline. Below are a few destinations worth visiting between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro which I’ve had the pleasure to go to, and can report are safe to visit:

  1. Bertioga’s beaches are clean and the sea is not too violent. It is good for families with children because it is spacious and good for entertainment. 

  2. São Sebastião has wonderful beaches. Anyone can bathe in the wonderful waves and perform well on a surfboard. Although surfing is the flagship of the local wave, sports such as stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing and diving are also practiced at sea.

  3. Ilhabela The largest island along Brazil's coast and, literally, a “beautiful island,” Ilhabela offers visitors almost 40 kilometers of pristine beaches and the tropical island has great hiking trails, waterfalls, and even an expanding party scene.

  4. Ubatuba is a place worth visiting while taking beautiful photos. There are 100 incredible beaches in addition to Praia da Fortaleza, where a natural aquarium appears in the right corner at low tide. Some beaches such as Praia das Conchas (shells) and Praias da Ilha Anchieta are also breathtaking!

  5. Paraty is known for its well-preserved colonial center and beautiful churches. It's also famous for its surrounding natural beauty, including lush rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine beaches. Additionally, it's a hub for cachaça distilleries.

  6. Angra dos Reis You ought to discover Angra which has no less than 365 islands dotted in a sea of green, crystal-clear waters and two thousand beaches full of natural beauty.


Brazil is most definitely a place to visit to appreciate true beauty. A country that has it all. Great people, food and accommodation while reasonably priced to have a truly wonderful experience. Search online for tidbits before travelling, choose a reputable travel agent, and come when you fancy.

Weatherwise, all year round it’s warm, or hot to very hot in the new year until April when autumn sets in. Autumn can be very nice temperature wise much of the day. Winter as well is pretty warm during the day. And it is a sunny country most of the year round.

What are you waiting for. Book now for the holiday of a lifetime!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Falter (v) = hesitate, waver, weaken, fade, pause, wane, vacillate, stutter, fumble, stammer

Flaws (n) = faults, errors, defects, mistakes, failings, blemishes, imperfections, weaknesses, shortcomings, weak spots

Shantytowns (n) = slums, favelas

Scalloped (adj) = the shapes of scalloped objects are decorated with a series of small curves along the edges.

Flurry (n) = burst, spell, outbreak, bout, flood, bustle, commotion, fuss

Over-amped (adj) = overamping is the term used to describe what one might consider an “overdose” on speed or cocaine. Overamping means a lot of things to a lot of people. Sometimes it is physical, when our bodies don't feel right. Other times it is psychological, like paranoia, anxiety or psychosis—or a mixture of the two. 

Wares (n) = goods, merchandises, produces, products, commodities, stuffs

Lack (n) = absence, nonexistence, deficiency, want, shortage, scarcity (ant) surplus

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