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Worldwide Uproar

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Today’s first ever blog is about the current state of worldwide affairs we are facing. One can turn a blind eye and ignore them, or, as I do, accept the reality, but question the virility of those who have the answers with their macho instincts without due consideration to the majority.

We are facing new challenges wherever we live whether in Latin America’s worse country per capita for coronavirus deaths. Peru with a small 32.5 million population has the worst-case scenario of 6,000 deaths per million inhabitants which is double that of Brazil. In fact, Latin America has several countries placed in the first ten countries of the world.

Other countries include Brazil in 6th place, Colombia in 8th place, and Argentina in 9th position. In Brazil’s case, many would attribute such results to bad leadership. Brazil’s president has ignored scientific evidence and conclusions, and instead runs his own schedule of events going against common accord drawn by international experts, Brazilian governors and doctors.

The US has pulled out of Afghanistan which has evoked massive panic to meet the August 31 deadline. The political and religious faction, ‘The Taliban’ has given this constraint for those wanting to leave the country.

Days into the withdrawal of thousands escaping from the deadly regime, and a bomb has exploded just outside of Kabul’s airport killing thirteen US servicemen and close to one hundred Afghans while injuring hundreds more. US Embassy is now warning of, 'specific, credible threat' at Kabul airport as Biden says terror attack is 'highly likely in next 24-36 hours'.

The Taliban, ultraconservative political and religious faction that emerged in the mid-1990s followed the withdrawal of Soviet troops and the collapse of Afghanistan’s communist regime. If you look at the painting in the photograph to the side it is clear to see the resemblance between ancestral ties from past until present.

Additionally, the Taliban have funded a lot of their organization in large part through a thriving opium trade which reached record levels several years after the fall of the Taliban to the Americans. For those too young to remember, the USA invaded Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 World-Trade-Center was blown up in 2001. The US tried to have Bin Laden extradited, however after being rejected to turn him over, George Bush, the then US President gave the order to attack.

As fast as the dictators or rebel leader fanatics are taken down such as Gaddafi, Saddam, or Bin Laden, malicious factions like the Taliban rise whilst disharmonious worldwide leaders bring their extreme antics onto the playing field. Nevertheless, they have their supporters who are fully behind them, and according to international news the Taliban are the best option to lead Afghanistan.

This attitude causes conflict, but also incongruent values can lead to anarchy, or even death!

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