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Mass Immigration

If ever there was a rule of life that I’ve usually followed, it is giving others the benefit of the doubt. In other words, the state of accepting something/someone as honest or deserving of trust even though there are doubts. They might be lying, but we have to give the benefit of the doubt and accept what each person says for now.

However, acceptance is a complicated subject, as in today’s world conflicts are a dime a dozen i.e., you mean that something is common and almost worthless. Example of use: “Those antique dishes are pretty, but they're a dime a dozen.” Of course, when you deal with those you know or people from your place, you get a better feel and understanding because you share similar values, have had an alike upbringing, and usually can tell although you can’t be completely sure.

And treating everyone you meet similarly beckons more due diligence, as we are in an epoch of globalization which means many migrants are coming to your land. Probably 90% are completely trustworthy, come from loving families, and respect the local customs of their new abide. But the other 10% come from broken families, have suffered hardship and even bloodshed, and are often torn between religious beliefs that share little common ground.

You only have to research YouTube videos and you will see and hear radical views coming from Islamists who emigrate from North Africa: Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians, or the Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, among others. Violence is also going up, as well as political movements to gain more influence and change already established rules and regulations to benefit some.

As of 2022, legal immigrants in Europe represented about 7% of the population, and the largest communities were from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Cape Verde, India, Italy, Angola, France, and Ukraine. Yes, indeed many are retiring, and with it take a change of scenery by moving abroad.

European countries are looking for immigrants according to my research. Whereas many migrate to England for example, many English people are emigrating to Spain (over 400,000), Ireland (around 400,000), Germany (over 155,000), and France (over 173,000).

The following video is worth watching in its entirety to have a better understanding of the conflict, and often misunderstood possiblities; misunderstanding from all sides!

So, the shuffling around might mean some countries will suffer in the process, as locals often feel threatened from those bringing different cultural values. Acceptance then takes time!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface  


Vocabulary builder:

Alike (adj) = similar, comparable, identical, like, the same, (ant) different

Due diligence = Due diligence is a process or effort to collect and analyze information before making a decision or conducting a transaction so a party is not held legally liable for any loss or damage. The term applies to many situations but most notably to business transactions. 

Shuffling around = if you shuffle around, you move your feet about while standing or you move your bottom about while sitting, often because you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. He shuffles around in his chair. [ VERB preposition/adverb] He grinned and shuffled his feet. [ VERB noun] In other words, shuffling around means going from one country to another.

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