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Globalization & the Future

Everything must change as time progresses; it’s the law of nature, as everything gets old and decrepit, and dies. Different cult movements come and go, political direction from communism and dictatorship to democratic rule, and moreover since the Hellenistic Age (323 to 100 BCE) globalization has evolved.

Now though with Internet at full swing, and social media dominating world headlines, none of us can help wondering how efficient it is to allow migrants the opportunity to spread their wings and travel the seas or across land to other countries which promise hope for a better future. With it, cultural differences take precedence and the stigma can harm locals who have always lived there. This is because different values cause conflicts which affect those who were there first and have developed their ideologies of life over the previous centuries.

If foreign migrants such as asylum seekers come, and then turn a blind eye to why they left their country of origin in the first place, and then start showing their true colours by standing up for their way of life using violence, raping women, stabbing people, maintaining their hardline approach to other religions then it is no wonder locals feel attacked by them, and consequently the abiding ones suffer in the process.

The world has always had battles between countries, but now Europe is faced with conflicts blown out of proportion to settle religious principles between radical Muslims (Islamists), who have an agenda to dominate the world!

They come and take advantage of Europe's development and financial benefit schemes such as free education, healthcare, and social welfare, but cannot blend into the Western world's way of life; throwing their weight around to promote the Quran and its principles. It's like a Muslim crusade compared to what Christians did a 1000 years ago without so much bloodshed, so far!


The people of Europe act too weak to realize what has happened since globalization became mainstream and Europe is being taken over by Muslims. Islamic Muslims promote political movements such as Sharia law that serves them and not international practices thus far. Europeans are literally being overtaken by a mob of Muslim crusaders!

Paris, France has been falling for many years. The video below shows the extent of the invasion. Muslimization is totally incompatible with the European civilization. Allah is the legislator and they don’t believe in democracy. Islam is a fascist ideology; stoning, beheading, and raping is part of its society.

Belgium has over 7% of Muslims in its population and 50% in its capital, so it isn’t surprising that some Islamists are calling the shots. In fact, most European countries are feeling the brunt. Germany reported the largest total number of immigrants (2.1 million) in 2022, followed by Spain (1.3 million) France (0.4 million) and Italy (0.4 million). At this rate of influx something has to budge!

England is another country being taken over by Muslims with 54% of Londoners being Muslim. Sharia councils are accused of operating a “parallel legal system” in the UK, but their rulings have no legal validity, nonetheless they do act in a decision-making capacity.

Personally, I think those who do not conform to European standards should be hung, drawn, and quartered which resembles their ideology. When in Rome, act like a Roman, as my parents used to say!

Muslimism could be the future in Europe, if the locals don’t stand up for their rights by making sure political parties draw the line in how the country is run. However, one of the major issues right now is the laid back approach that many political figures are taking!

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Decrepit (adj) = dilapidated, crumbling, decaying, broken-down, battered, rickety, falling to pieces, falling apart, on its last legs, (ant) pristine

Cult (adj) = trendy, offbeat, alternative, unusual, out of the ordinary, (ant) mainstream

Moreover (adv) = furthermore, additionally, besides, also, likewise, what is more, in addition

Globalization (n) = is a term used to describe how trade and technology have made the world into a more connected and interdependent place. Globalization also captures in its scope the economic and social changes that have come about as a result. It began in ancient times, when people and communities first started exchanging goods and sharing knowledge and cultural practices. During the Hellenistic Age (323 to 100 BCE), the Greeks established broad trade and commercial connections.

Crusade (n) = In all, eight major Crusade expeditions, varying in size, strength and degree of success which occurred between 1096 and 1291, the costly, violent and often ruthless conflicts enhanced the status of European Christians, making them major players in the fight for land in the Middle East.

Thus far = until now

Stigma (n) = shame, disgrace, dishonor, humiliation

Brunt (n) = effect, force, impact, burden, substance

Budge (v) = move, shift, dislodge, shove, agitate, change

Nonetheless (adv) = however, nevertheless, even so, on the other hand

Hung, drawn, and quartered (idiom) = in the past, if someone was hung, drawn, and quartered, the person was hanged by the neck and their body was cut into pieces. Death penalties. By British standards until 1870 the full punishment for the crime was that the culprit be dragged on a hurdle to the place of execution; that he be hanged by the neck but not till he was dead; that he should be disemboweled or drawn and his entrails burned before his eyes; that his head be cut off and his body divided into four parts or

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