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True Success

Success in the eye of the beholder might be someone who can accept reality. Some consider triumph when absolute power, financial abundance, or high status is achieved. Significance could be attributed to a developed lifestyle that encompasses quality.

Having a quality lifestyle entails several areas that need to be developed, in order to consider yourself successful. Yes, by living in luxury one might think they have got it all. But isn’t that a feeling that comes from what is around you materially. Isn’t it deeper than that?

In my book, diverse boxes need to be ticked for accomplishment. Here is a list of some of those areas:

  1. Living in a comfortable accommodation

  2. Having plenty of foodstuffs

  3. Being passionate about your career

  4. Earning enough to pay the bills, and then a little bit more.

  5. Healthy loving family who are in sync with life

  6. Being satisfied and fulfilled for enjoying life even with the simplest of things

  7. Knowing that if you want to retire you are able to or getting closer

  8. Spiritually aware of your situation while knowing you are in control of your destiny

  9. Kind, considerate, and willing to help others

  10. Taking care of your health and wellbeing by doing regular exercise

By aspiring to success, the support in learning, teaching others, making improvements, living in a motivated state are byproducts that go hand-in-hand to produce an outstanding person who cares for society, our planet, and the wellbeing of the human race.

Are you making the right moves to encounter success?

Have a bountiful day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Entails (v) = involves, requires, necessitates, demands, causes, bring about

Byproducts (n) = spinoffs, consequences, results, derivatives, offshoots, side effects

Bountiful (adj) = generous, giving, open-handed, magnanimous, (ant) tightfisted, or plentiful, abundant

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