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Time is Money

Atualizado: 8 de jan.

There are 8,736 hours a year, 168 hours in a week which breaks down to 24 hours a day. Here today and gone tomorrow, the clock is ticking! Don’t waste it, as time is a commodity meaning money is at stake.

Well, from a mercenary point of view that is correct, but in reality, the picture has more to it than simply counting the time. As each minute passes, we could accredit a value for our worth. Incidentally, how much are you worth? Once I used to think time is money, and then time passed. Well, the money wasn’t in the bag, so it made me realize my time wasn’t worth very much.

Then I switched my thought processing system to enlightenment. Is it money we are looking for, or is it health and happiness. Materialistic wealth is great if things work out for the best, however, it can create problems if not managed fittingly. Then I came to the conclusion that even though my final target may not have been reached, satisfaction and fulfillment besieged me for making an enthusiastic exertion while giving it my best shot.

You can’t always get the result you want. The fact you pushed yourself to great lengths to achieve your goal is a sure-fire way to improve. Could you do more? Perhaps, you could have. Next time explore potential paths that could be better. The key, if any, is to keep abreast of information, trends, and best practices or policies to bolster your industriousness and how to streamline them to fit your goal. Try, and give it your best shot!

Whatever you do, don’t give up before you’ve started. Begin by having a frank conversation with yourself. Appreciate what’s involved, understand you will have to stick it out, missing entertainment and some fun that usually you wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world. Sorry about that, but now is the time to grow up, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

Think about your career, what an advancement would bring you, and how you could benefit from the extra force of living the dream. Literally, you are stretching to not only grow professionally, but as a person; building the very essence of your existence. This is big, don’t waste your chance to make it.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Fittingly (adv) = appropriately, correctly, aptly, properly, decently, suitably, relevantly, (ant) inappropriately

Besieged (adj) = overwhelmed, inundated, plagued, beset

Sure-fire (n) = certain to succeed. "Bad behavior is a sure-fire way of getting attention"

Bolster (v) = as a noun it means pad, long pillow. Then as a verb boost, strengthen, reinforce, encourage, support, augment, sustain

Frank (adj) = forthright, free, honest, guileless, open, blunt, truthful, candid, outspoken, aboveboard

Stick it out (phrasal verb) = keep going, glue to what you are doing

Essence (n) = spirit, core, heart, crux, soul, quintessence, principle, substance, real meaning 

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