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Positivism Series 005

Live or die in a world full of conflict and attrition. Choosing to live doesn’t mean just studying, working, and partying. There needs to be calculated moves to stand a chance of checkmate!

One obvious way to do it is to perform excellently. However, to be your best self you need to organize your day. Plan ahead to incorporate a structured process to your daily needs in order to reach stardom.

Make time to work on your functional skills. Perhaps you could incorporate meditation, deep breathing, stretching, mindpower exercises, and not forgetting the need to workout, preferably Monday till Friday.

Don’t make excuses, as they will be your downfall. You could go to bed an hour earlier to wake up in time to workout. It takes commitment, but then anything worth having requires it!

Motivation comes from a number of factors like enthusiasm, momentum, and impetus, consequently getting passionate. Once there, nothing will hold you back. Your energy will be high, and desire to achieve will be too great to be squashed.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Attrition (n) = abrasion, erosion, slow destruction, wear and tear, eating away, gnawing away, wearing away, grinding down

Checkmate (n) = check, mate, end, ending, victory, defeat, (ant) stalemate

Stardom (n) = fame, celebrity, prominence, glory, renown, recognition, eminence, (ant) anonymity

Functional (adj) = useful, practical, handy, purposeful, efficient, well-designed, serviceable, (ant) worthless

Impetus (n) = motivation, push, incentive, energy, stimulus, drive, impulse

Squashed (adj) =dense, solid, compressed, compacted, condensed, squeezed together, (ant) loose

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