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Positivism Series 003

You have got an idea and you want to take action, but you don’t know how. Start communicating with yourself and ask, “what if I knew how, then what would I do?” First of all, you have to follow your dreams. Otherwise, you will never know the outcome.

In other words, everything we do has a result. It could be successful, or it could be a failure. However, the chances of the idea being successful will only be discovered by taking action. Each step taken will be one step closer.

Yes, there will be obstacles that get in the way. These hurdles need to be overcome. By looking for answers we can overcome difficulties. The process used is called trial and error.

There are no secrets to success, but rather massive effort to reach goals that contribute to successful outcomes. Yes, there will be new things to learn, and new ideas to put into practice, and with the right mindset then everything is achievable.

When you take action and go out into the real world, you find out what's working. You learn to go with the flow. You learn there's a better option out there that will help you achieve your goals much faster than what you've initially anticipated! Taking action is important if you also want to grow as a person.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Outcome (n) = consequence, result, product, conclusion, upshot, effect, ending, aftereffect

Failure (n) = disappointment, letdown, catastrophe, fiasco, disaster, flop, not a success

Obstacles are the same as hurdles and difficulties. Or problems, hindrances, complications, impediments, obstructions, stumbling block, (ant) helps

Trial and error (idiom) = the process of experimenting with various methods of doing something until one finds the most successful. "Pupils learn by trial and error."

Mindset (n) = attitude, outlook, mind, mentality, belief, conviction, frame of mind, way of thinking, state of mind

Achievable (adj) = attainable, realizable, possible, doable, practicable, feasible, viable, realistic, (ant) unrealistic

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