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Positive Mindset

Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

It’s so easy to get sidestepped in a competitive world. One mistake can mean losing momentum, or being bypassed by more prepared whilst action-oriented competitors who pay more attention to detail. Economic unrest makes dents in the marketplace and ill-thought-out strategies have a way of not catching up. The reality of being overtaken can put huge consequences under scrutiny and cause dire straits to project conclusion.

Mistakes are made, competition wins disputes, and stress is the decisive factor that makes or breaks us. It is difficult to keep a positive mindset in times of crises, and no one knows better than I after developing international businesses and eventually running out of steam. If you haven’t been there then keeping a positive mindset is what is needed to overcome adversity. It reminds me that Lucifer is a friendly devil and knows how to appease law abiding citizens, but truth be known he is fighting misfortune while realizing his privileged role to try and make the world a better living space.

We have a choice by making rational decisions based on what input is available, our creativity, or using our sixth sense to create likely outcome of how we need to deal with matters effectively. Keeping a positive mindset definitely helps as it keeps us positive and ready for challenges. Instead of entering panic mode we tend to cope rationally. Worry causes apprehension that in turn doesn’t allow us to find operative solutions. Communicational therapy then fulfills mindful resolutions. It might not find an immediate answer, but it does create doggedness to decipher our chosen path, gather our strength, and tread on to significance.

Finding a powerful strategy is our ally in awaiting. Used correctly will prepare us for the unexpected. Awareness, is the observation from every angle, to harness tactics and chew over deliverance, to move toward a common goal in that nothing is too great, and that a positive mindset is what paves the way to success.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

1. Sidestepped (v) = is to get out of the way, or fail to deal with, tiptoe around, stay away from, get out of, to dodge, to duck, to elude, circumnavigate, by pass, evade, avoid, bypassed

2. ill-thought-out (adj) = not considered carefully enough, not well analyzed, unreliable, (ant) produced or arrived at through mental effort and especially through careful and thorough consideration, a thought-out plan.

3. Not catching up (idiom) = 1. To not move fast enough to attain the same progress as someone or something: The runner didn’t catch up to the leader on the last lap of the race. 2. To not become equal or on a par with someone or something.

4. Dire straits (term) = in a very bad or difficult situation. “With the best player out of the game, the team found itself in dire straits.” A newspaper column in the Rome News-Tribune in September of 2000 cites United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the first known user of the term dire straits in a 1933 radio address concerning those out of work during The Great Depression.

5. Appease (v) = mollify, conciliate, pacify, soothe, calm down, (ant) provoke

6. Operative (adj) = functioning, working, effective, operational, running, active, in effect, in force, in operation, (ant) inoperative

7. Doggedness (n) = perseverance, persistence, single-mindedness, tenacity, steadfastness, resolve, staying power, (ant) apathy

8. Ally (n) friend, helper, supporter, assistant, partner, confederate, associate, (ant) enemy

9. Awareness (n) = consciousness, mindfulness, alertness, attentiveness

10. Deliverance (n) release, liberation, freedom, rescue, relief, escape, delivery, (ant) capture

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