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On a Run

We start life relying on our mother to walk us through the ropes. As we grow, we start climbing until we can stand up on our own force. Then we start walking on our own. If someone tries to stop us, we take no notice and try until. Then we keep going by developing ourselves until we can run.

As we get older, we should follow the pattern of developing ourselves to get things done. We study to learn, as we learn to become more independent and capable of surviving on our own. It is this methodology that provides the building blocks to construct a successful career and lifestyle.

If we think about a building, it requires the foundations to be built on. A strong basis would support a large and solid structure built above it. If we keep adding bricks, one on top of the other while keeping it symmetrical then we are laying the formula to success.

Life is no different. It takes time and effort to learn the ropes. By applying ourselves we will move mountains. In other words, the more efficiently we move, the better results we will achieve. On a run simply means we have to create the momentum to accomplish great feats of excellence.

Continuous and consistent force in the right direction equals a must to obtain the right posture needed to succeed.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Relying (v) = gerund form of the regular verb to depend on, trust, bank on, count on, have confidence in, be certain about, put your faith in

Walk us through the ropes (idiom) = means doing things to help us learn how to do things. “His father, John walked him through the ropes to drive a car.”

Continuous and consistent = the difference between continuous and consistent is that continuous is without break, termination, or interruption; without intervening time while consistent is of a regularly occurring, dependable nature.

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