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Cash in Your Pocket – part two

Money isn’t everything, but it helps to have it. Money provides the catalyst to live a financially abundant lifestyle. Travel to other countries and visit historical cities like Machu Picchu, Athens, or Rome. Eat in the chicest restaurants like Grotta Palazzese in Italy, Sheesh Mahal in India, or Dasheen in St. Lucia.

Having cash in your pocket gives a sense of security. It helps to not have to worry about putting bread and butter on the table, settling bills, or paying back an overdraft. Money provides options and the possibility to enhance opportunities, alternative choices that can give even greater results, and consequently routes to fulfilling desires.

However, to get it, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Whatever it is that you do, you need to do it well, and then step up your game and do it even better. The ones who climb the ladder to success, not only live with better financial conditions, but feel the satisfaction that goes hand in hand with accomplishment.

Clearly, working hard and smart are winning techniques, but there is more to it than that. Have you got the right job? Have you chosen the right activity as a self-employed trader or freelance agent? Is there potential? What is your strategy? And are you using enough of your skill to take a flagging business till that of a budding one?

Whatever, there needs to be a plan. A plan to take it to the next level and beyond. Stretching oneself as having the attitude of a winner is the ability to focus on your long-term goals even though your short-term results are not on track. This is more difficult than it seems, as too many people take their eyes off their long-term goal when they experience a slow month or two and end up focusing on their lack of results.

There needs to be a robust approach to life itself. Everything we do serves a purpose. Time is continuous, so if you look at that for a minute you might realize that the problem could be time. In other words, timing is essential to get tasks done, and if done efficiently while effectively then targets can be met. This clearly, defines the need to get on with it to produce whatever it is you are doing within a strategic timeline.

But then what are you doing? Are you seeing the bigger picture? Or are you wasting time when you could be using your time wisely to achieve a result that contributes to your long-term objective? This is personal, but I think you’ll agree the more time you have to ponder over best form, what and what not to do in order to arrive at your destination is the substance behind an end result.

What is the point of stressing excessively and finally burning out? I know, I’ve been in that situation more than once. Is it part of the upward curve, perhaps, but I can tell you frustration really kicks in and hurts! Like an accident it takes time to recuperate. We learn from our experiences, the risks taken, and the failures endured. Trial and error are part of this important learning curve! If there is something that helps then it’s the sensation that the effort is rewarded, and not done in vain.

Working on ourselves is key to our success. Extending longevity means more time to reach our seventh heaven. In the first part of ‘Cash in Your Pocket’ we discussed the basic power of using alpha brainwaves. Now in the second part of the series, a new refreshed focus is on doing whatever it takes to create the right mindset. Treat your body like a beacon of light that needs nurturing a more robust, stronger immune system, upgrading of your oxygenation capacity, and then building a powerhouse to overcome hurdles along the way.

It isn’t one thing that is going to make you successful, but rather a package deal that sets the ball in your court. Trust your instincts to get on the right track. Realize you are more than you are living.

Tomorrow’s blog will be Cash in Your Pocket part three.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

P.S. If you want firsthand knowledge of how to do it correctly, contract my services, and I’ll help develop your team’s mindset to take it to the next level.

Vocabulary builder:

Catalyst (n) = substance,

Overdraft (n) = a deficit in a bank account caused by drawing more money than the account holds. "When I left Cambridge, I had a $900 overdraft."

Flagging (adj) = weakening, fading, waning, failing, slumping, declining

Budding (adj) = promising, up-and-coming, growing, maturing

In vain (adv) = without success, unsuccessfully, uselessly, hopelessly

Seventh heaven (n) = bliss, ecstasy, heaven, cloud nine, delight, joy

The ball in your court (idiom) = it is up to you to make the next move.

"The ball is firmly in the court of the NATO."

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