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Breathing Habits

Today’s blog about breathing correctly is important, as it enhances bodily functions in such a way that it embellishes health in general.

Make sure you also intensify eating your beets, otherwise known as beetroots. The reason for this is because nitric oxide plays an important role inside the body and its functioning, or rather the benefits of good oxygenation. Good oxygen levels attribute to better living and like youngsters who have higher oxygen levels it makes sense to improve breathing patterns.

Breathing through the nasal passages is the correct way to breath. When inhaling this way oxygen reaches the brain quicker and subsequently the airways that supply vital levels required for better thinking are better equipped to enhance deeper breathing and oxygenation as well. Breathing properly, also activates nitric oxide which is achieved from exercise when deeper breathing is requisite. However, breathing right allows more profound penetration which activates neurons.

By focusing on breathing control, we become super humans inasmuch as we are able to activate certain regions of our body’s reactions to external stress and better ways to deal with health issues. By paying attention and slowing down our breathing it has positive effects on our body and mind.

Scientist cannot produce conclusive evidence beyond our automatic ability to breathe, however, a recent study in the Journal of Neurophysiology may support this, revealing that several brain regions linked to emotion, attention, and body awareness are activated when we pay attention to our breath.

Returning to why nitric oxide production is essential for overall health is because it allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel to every part of our body effectively and efficiently. In fact, a limited capacity to produce nitric oxide is associated with heart disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Make sure you eat your beets regularly!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Enhances (v) = improves, augments, increases, boosts, develops, enriches, heightens

Embellishes (v) = exaggerates, elaborates, overdoes, enhances

Beetroots (n) = Beets are a root vegetable that are known for their dark red colour and contain betalains, a powerful antioxidant that gives beets their vibrant color. The leaves of beets can also be eaten either raw or cooked. Also known as Beta vulgaris rubra

Requisite (adj) = necessary, obligatory, required, essential, vital

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