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Believe in Yourself

Atualizado: 13 de set. de 2022

Belief is what you’ve got to move mountains! Tom Stoltman (born 30 May 1994) is a British strongman competitor from Invergordon, Scotland. On 20 June 2021, Tom won the 2021 World's Strongest Man competition, becoming the first man from Scotland to win the World's Strongest Man and the fifth British person to do so.

Each year the competitors get stronger because they pre-condition themselves to compete by bulking up; having extra calories, getting more protein to build muscles fibers, and overall conditioning to become more competitive.

Life is about believing in yourself to get better consistently, so take my advice and train to be the best. Training to be the best doesn’t mean you have to win first place in competitions, but rather maximize your output by working effectively towards getting results.

Champions aren’t born! They work on themselves with the level of intensity needed to take them up a notch to self-realization from achieving personal satisfaction in the activity of their choice.

Those who commit have the wit to shine. So, don’t whine about the effort it takes to be successful. Instead of focusing on the task in the ordinary sense of endeavor i.e., struggle, the ability to overcome hurdles; see it enthusiastically, get passionately forceful to make it, and take pleasure in snowballing step by step.

Apart from committing one hundred percent each step done at every opportunity will provide the momentum needed to create the proactive exposure necessary to gain traction on a consistent unwavering foundation to never look back.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

PS. Proud to be British as Tom Stoltman wins this year's (2022) World's Strongest Man title the second time in a row. Great job Tom!

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Vocabulary builder:

Belief (n) = confidence, trust, certainty, acceptance, credence, to believe (v) = have faith in yourself, trust, be certain of, have confidence in, accept as true

Notch (n) level, degree, grade, score, mark, cut, stage

Wit (n) = smartness, cleverness, incisiveness, braininess, mental power, Also, used with humor, funniness, sense of humor, comedian, joker, clown

Whine (v., n.) = complain, moan (v) “He whined like a spoilt brat.” (n) = a long, high-pitched complaining cry. "The dog gave a small whine"

Snowballing (adj) = increasing, cumulative, growing, swelling, mounting, escalating. 1. “The kids were snowballing each other.” 2. Increase rapidly in size, intensity, or importance. "The campaign was snowballing"

Unwavering (adj) = firm, stanch, solid, steadfast, dogged resolute, steady, unswerving, untiring

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