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Ultimate Control

Having control of one’s life is perhaps the ultimate experience. Doing things at your own pace resonate with your very nature i.e., it provides the ability to stay within your comfort zone while enhancing everything around you which equals joy.

Becoming complacent then is the opposite of anxious, a state of fearfulness which is worth trying to avoid. However, it takes careful planning and an innate skill to avoid worrying about what could be, or the actual state of affairs. In other words, having the ultimate control isn’t something decided on that just happens; it takes consistent effort and hard work to arrive at such a privileged position. There are ups and downs, so learning how to take control of negative issues is key to managing.

Needless to say, even when you arrive at such a high level of control accidents happen, but also nature shows us that the unexpected occurs. Tsunamis are not common, but natural disasters do occur when least expected. These phenomena are reality and we should be prepared for whatever comes our way, as anything is possible.

The real question is if one will be able to cope and overcome the pain of losing someone close, or finding out about someone else’s suffering from a grave illness, or losing one’s job, or not having the funds to feed offspring, or your favorite football team lose a match. These are real worries that some people face. Imagine living in Ukraine, Gaza, or Myanmar and not being part of the conflict apart from living there.

Life is about learning how to cope, having the skills to continue under dire circumstances, communication with oneself to deal with all issues, and not letting the negativity around us eat into our very being. One skill then that is worth cultivating is the law of attraction.

Once you’ve got that then tackling other things like helping others understand how to get the most out of life is a piece of cake!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Innate (adj) = unborn, distinctive, characteristic, essential, native, instinctive, inherent, intrinsic, natural

Else (adj) = another, other, new, different, in addition, beside. "Anything else you need to know?" also different, instead. "Isn't there anyone else you could ask?"

Cope (v) = manage, handle, survive, deal with, hack it, get by, (ant) fail

A piece of cake (idiom) = something easily achieved

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