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What are You Worth

Time is money is a blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago which mulls over what your service value is worth and psychological benefits of understanding the bigger picture.

In reality, your life is worth everything. There is no value you can attribute to each minute, hour, day, week, month, or year, but what you can say; there is nothing worth more than me. Quite simply you are priceless. Forget billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. When you become rich financially that is exciting, you can afford luxury. You can purchase things you have only dreamt about. You can even lure in others to attend your demands based on monetary gain.

Money is important, it buys comfort, but spiritual comfort comes from within. So, if you become rich you can have both? Yes, you could. However, it really is a very small percentage of the population that become rich financially. It all depends on the way you see it. You could have both with a little effort.

You don’t need to be a billionaire or millionaire to be rich. Being in control of your finances is just as good because planning and ratifying a system of what to buy and what not to buy can have a substantial impact on your outcome. Have you ever noticed how some people spend money just for the sake of it?

What do I mean by that? We earn X per month. We spend Y per month. Clearly to keep our heads above water we need to spend less than we earn. Only buy essential items instead of shopping to make yourself feel good. Feel good knowing you are priceless!

Then there is entertainment. Clearly, you deserve the whole shebang. Limit your expenses, as that way you will save money. Saving is an important part of becoming rich. Don’t make risky investments, but rather stick to reliable investment sources. Probably the yields are less, but so what; risking your hard-earned cash isn’t worth it.

If you have got debts you need to pay them off as quickly as possible, as the longer you keep them then the higher the interest will be adding to the sum to be repaid. Lastly, if you find yourself struggling then take an extra job, put money to the side and utilize it. Make every cent count!

Being rich is being in control of your finances, knowingly having the ability to splash out when you really need to. The situation provides security for a rainy day, and the comfort that you are the master of your destiny.

Have a rich day!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Mulls over (phrasal verb) = to think carefully about something for a long time: I need a few days to mull things over before I decide if I'm taking the job. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples. to think carefully about something. 

Ratifying (v) = approving, sanctioning, indorsing, endorsing, backing, authorizing, consenting

keep our head above water (idiom) = Stay out of trouble, especially financial difficulties; also, keep up with work or other demands. For example, ‘With new bills coming in every day they're barely keeping their heads above water, or ‘The work's piling up, but I manage to keep my head above water.

Shebang (n) = an informal word meaning a matter, operation, or set of circumstances. "The Mafia boss who's running the whole shebang." In North America it can mean a rough hut or shelter.

Yields (n) = harvests, crops, produces, profits, earnings. Incomes, revenues, returns


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