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Stable Attitude Traits

Considering yourself as having a stable attitude means what exactly; treating other people considerately perhaps? In today’s society surely, we owe it to work in unison to make the world a better place!

Seen in the picture is a waste disposal bin dumped in a pond in a London suburb. The litter bin had been thrown in on an icy day during my recent trip to England. Never seen before, it got me thinking to myself: how could anyone bring themselves to such a meaningless act.

A number of mobile photographs were taken from different angles, including video recording. It deeply saddened me that in a so-called respectful country like England which reflects a way of life and the integrity of its people as up there with one of the best countries to live in the world could witness such an immature attitude.

Then I discovered Britain came in at 62nd place, out of 64 countries for personal happiness. The UK also scored low for quality of life, thanks to the current political climate there are 42% of expats that rated political stability negatively versus the global average of 17% of people being dissatisfied.

Going back to the discarded bin what was the person or persons thinking to perform such a senseless deed against the local residents? And here is my point. England changed direction by allowing such massive immigration which deviated from what the average population perhaps wanted for England. Perhaps at the time it wasn’t a problem, but I think the gradual influx has eventually saddened many of the elder generation which has filtered down to offspring.

Following the end of the Second World War, the British Nationality Act 1948 allowed the 800,000,000 subjects in the British Empire to live and work in the United Kingdom without needing a visa, although this was not an anticipated consequence of the Act, which "was never intended to facilitate mass migration".

Moreover, the entry to the EU in 1973 eventually had widespread impact as so many foreigners came to London which promised benefits on both sides. However, it seemed like an invasion for many. Then Brexit culminated from changed values. If anything, many regretted the way the country had been led and was heading. One reason for such resentment was incoming traffic which often segmented from mainstream English customs.

It is difficult enough for families to get along all the time. Throw in a mixture of races with different values and backgrounds and it is obvious that there will be some discrepancies. Generally speaking, most get on, but then there are those who are set in their ways and cannot abide by the media who discusses cases or occurrences of mistrust and violence which involves terrorism, knifing, and attitude traits which dampen what to many Brits is striping England of its heritage (birthright).

Regarding the misplaced bin, I took it upon myself to remove it from the pond and replace it in its rightful place. It was very heavy to take out, as water had filled it up. After using all my strength to eventually pull it out, it needed draining which was rather awkward but successful. Then I placed the fallen rubbish back into the litter bin, and left it on the path. The following day I noticed someone else had moved it to what must have been the correct spot by the bus stop.

Like many acts of vandalism what seems like a bad attitude could be linked to real frustration. Irritations in an average person’s eyes clearly have another reaction from others with different circumstances. Although such aggression needs to be controlled there needs to be a deeper understanding by all.

Either that or some hoodlums simply threw it in for a laugh!

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Discrepancies (n) = inconsistencies, differences, divergences, disagreements, incongruities, (ant) correspondences

Hoodlum (n) = gangster, mobster, criminal, lawbreaker, thug, ruffian, lout

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