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Sardinia, Italy

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Chosen by many as the best summer and beach destination, Sardinia is famous for the clear and pristine waters. It has been awarded time after time for such beauty and for the variety of shorelines.

Sardinia is the right place for unforgettable holidays. Right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and North Africa, Sardinia will offer not only wonderful beaches, but also ancient and almost uncontaminated traditions. Also, it has the history, music, culture, cuisine, and several varieties of wines. An overall healthy lifestyle makes Sardinia one of the only 5 “blue zones” in the world.

People love the island because it has an above average life expectancy of 81 years, and has the highest rate of centenarians in the world. There are 22 people aged over 100 per 100,000 inhabitants. Sardinia also has a coastline that measures over 1850km long and makes up a quarter of the total length of the Italian coastline.

Sardinia belongs to Italy, although many Sardinians would prefer to be entirely independent. The autonomous relationship with the rest of Italy allows the island to make some political decisions independently. Some Sardinian activists would rather see Sardinia become the 27th Canton of Switzerland.

The Giants of Mont'e Prama are ancient stone sculptures created by the Nuragic civilization of Sardinia, Italy. Fragmented into numerous pieces dating back over 3,000 years, they were discovered in March 1974 on farmland near Mont'e Prama, in the comune of Cabras, province of Oristano, in central-western Sardinia. The statues are carved in local sandstone and their height varies between 2 and 2.5 meters.

Written by Carl Boniface

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