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New Faces of Football

My 700th blog about Palmeiras star players making a name for themselves on the world stage!

Young blood is the driving force that puts older players to the test to see how long they can compete against them. Fitness, can make an enormous difference, as stamina and endurance coupled with the right raw skills and quality training can give younger players a leading edge.

Endrick                        Vitor Reis                    Estevao

Why are younger players popping up in the current trend of things at Palmeiras you might ask? Firstly, they have been scouted from a young age and taken under the wing of Palmeiras youth training program which has given them the opportunity to learn from the best trainers in the world.

However, they have a lot to aspire to, as Palmeiras has been playing like a true champion football club for the last four years whilst winning a row of trophies. Many are behind the scenes in training them, but none other than Palmeiras international coach, Abel Ferreira has given them the inspiration to climb the ladder of success.

With a coach like Abel, who isn’t only a great coach, but someone who instills confidence, they feel at home. Ambient plays a major role in one’s objectiveness, as fitting in under such circumstances is like wearing your favorite clothes. And I think it’s safe to say, Palmeiras is the uniform of the moment.

Endrick was first to be sold to Spain’s Real Madrid for €35 million at 17 years-old, and could arrive at another €25 million if he scores enough goals and wins trophies which so far is on track. He will be going after the America Cup finishes on 14th July when he’ll be eighteen. Then Estevao was purchased by England’s Chelsea for a staggering €61.5 million. He’ll be leaving Palmeiras after the FIFA Club World Cup in the USA in 2025.

To top it all off, there is Vitor Reis who currently is only seventeen-years-old. He recently scored against Corinthians, and promises to be another star player.

I asked Abel, if it will be difficult without Endrick. He said yes, but fortunately there are many good players at Palmeiras, and everyone will contiue giving it their best shot. The synergy between the team is an ongoing area for consistent improvement.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Popping up (phrasal verb) = appearing, to appear or happen, especially suddenly or unexpectedly: She's one of those movie stars who pops up everywhere, on TV, in magazines, on Broadway.

Scouted (v) = to scout means to search, hunt, to seek.   

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