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Morning Bliss

Like a newborn baby and the happiness of childbirth, the sunrise should mark another morning of cheerfulness. Good morning is the symbol we all use to start the day off right.

Our mood from the moment we wake up fuels us for the day ahead. If we wake up moody then we shouldn’t waste any time, and instead there is a formula to snap out of it and get real with the feel that will propel us forward to new heights and added performance.

My personal method for good results is to stay emotionally strong. Follow my instincts by getting up, hitting a few quick exercise routines like wrist squeezes with hand grips and band rotator blade extensions, and then a large strong cup of freshly made coffee from my DeLonghi espresso machine.

Then I follow by sitting at my desk, turning on my pc, and setting up YouTube alpha brainwave positive boost music to get in the mood. Then I sit there and consciously feel a state of meditation while deep breathing in and out at a controlled pace to oxygenate myself and feel the positive vibes.

It doesn’t have to be my way but it works. It energizes me 'til incredible heights of awareness. It’s like having a magic pill that brings out my best traits of happiness and satisfaction whilst fulfillment and absolute control to go ahead, turn the page, start fresh and make it happen.

At that moment of joy, I’m completely ready to make it happen. Are you?

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Bliss (n) = ecstasy, heaven, paradise, enjoyment, happiness, (ant) misery

Snap out of (phrasal verb) = get out of a bad or unhappy mood by a sudden effort.

Moody (adj) = temperamental, sulky, glum, irritable, short-tempered, (ant) predictable, stable

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