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Mind and Physical Wellbeing

The way in which we prepare for the day ahead is as important, as what we expect from life. In other words, rituals are part of the equation to better performance.

We need to consider our responsibilities for that day, but also our mindset and what is needed to prepare not only mentally, but physically. Today’s blog is intended to set you up for life.

However, if what you are doing now works, then continue until you feel a need for even better results. Perhaps you stretch your body, drink coffee, and then head towards the gym for a workout. Maybe you prefer to stay in bed until the last minute when you are forced to get up and get ready and leave promptly to get to the office on time.

Whatever works for you is likely the routine that you are used to which seems to work best for you, and that’s great. Nevertheless, if you ask me which routine is the best, I’ll say having the time for mental, spiritual, and bodily healthiness to prepare for the day ahead is even better. Why? After 45 years into fitness and working out I’ve come to my conclusion that aspiring to a better way of life is fundamental for the overall lifestyle.

Going to bed early certainly will mean getting up earlier although in though in some cases it’s an excuse to be lazy and ride it out. However, if like me you wake automatically after your quota then it means more time to set up a winning formula for success. Taking a cold shower early not only wakes you up snappishly, but it also gets the blood circulating which promotes several advantages in alertness.

Cold showers offer many benefits, including increasing endorphins, improving metabolism, and enhancing circulation. They may also help fight off common illnesses, like colds and flus. Cold showers are any showers with a water temperature below 70°F. 

I’ll tell you what I do, and I’m not going to say that I have it all worked out and that my way is the only way, or anything absurd because I’m not a doctor or a fitness expert. Moreover, reading my response to gut feelings are based on years of practice. Nothing more and nothing less!

Going to bed at 10pm helps me get the best deep sleep and this is based on online research whereby certain measurements were taken to come to such a reasoning. After trying it out over several years, you can take my word to substantiate the preference in going to bed early.

Consequently, I get up earlier, fully rested, and more alert for the day ahead. Having those extra hours awake provides time to explore my body and work on rituals that allow me to get in touch with my spiritual side.

Stretching in bed for leg extensions pulls my limbs into place. After getting up and carrying out my usual bathroom rituals, coffee is prepared. During such preparation pulse grips are used uniformly while rolling my shoulders and bending down to stretch the back of my thighs (hamstrings). In fact, I try to get in touch with all my bodily muscles during stretching.

Once my coffee is strained, a medium sized cup is poured and that’ll perk me up. Deep breathing is carried out to oxygenate my body while a sense of heightened spiritual awareness enters the flow while writing my blogs. There is a specific way to deep breath to maximize lung capacity whilst oxygen distribution enhances many aspects of wellbeing.

This is major as it opens not only internal capillaries, but the minds capacity is stimulated, and the whole body is captured in a state of immenseness. Vastness in terms of realization that we are much more than we are living. The human is in early-stage progression. It’s good to know we are only using 10% of our brain capacity; imagine if we try to use a little more!

Carryout these rituals makes me realize there is so much more. The thing is it strengthens my reality by providing the power within to think about the past, present, and future. Think about that for a moment. We’ve seen changes occur during our short time on earth. We grow up and develop into better, higher quality persons who learn from knowledge and experience.

We know for a fact there has been massive evolution over the last few centuries by studying history, the invention of the phone, television, aircraft, space exploration, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers amongst many other incredible discoveries.

Then after the conscious meditation, deep breathing, and spiritual cleansing, going to the gym to weight train for resistance invigorates the whole body. An hour later when finished I participate in aerobic activity to get an overall workout.

If you get an idea from my strategy then all well and good to embellish your daily rituals. Hope you maximize your gains and value my input.

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface 


Vocabulary builder:

Quota (n) = share, allocation, allowance, ration, slice, proportion, part, measure, lot, portion, cut

Snappishly (adv) = brusquely, shortly, tersely, rudely, sharply, gruffly, (ant) politely

Alertness (n) = attentiveness, watchfulness, awareness, preparedness, vigilance, readiness, (ant) inattentiveness

Gut feelings (idiom) = an intuitive feeling. The phrase 'Gut Feeling' is used to describe an intuitive feeling or response to something. Example of Use: “I have a gut feeling that Jerry's going to be late again.” It’s an automatic reaction to follow based on your data bank of information stored from life’s occurrences and experience.

Limbs (n) = members, appendages, branches, boughs, extremities

Strained (adj) = stressed, tense, worried, nervous, anxious, edgy, overwrought, (ant) calm. Coffee is strained through a filter to prevent ground coffee leftovers from entering the final product.

Perk (n) = bonus, perquisite, plus, incentive, benefit, advantage, extra

Embellish (v) = exaggerate, elaborate, overdo, enhance, enlarge, embroider, increase, (ant) simplify


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