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London Trip – part three

Atualizado: 21 de dez. de 2023

A day’s walk around London keeps you busy, as there are so many places of interest to see such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. However, another prestigious place worth visiting is Covent Garden.

The History of Covent Garden. The first historical record of Covent Garden dates back to 1200, when it consisted of fields. Owned by Westminster Abbey, the land where the Market Building and the Piazza (Royal Opera House) now stand was referred to as 'the garden of the Abbey and Convent', hence its name.

On route and feeling rather hungry, to come across Five Guys easy dining restaurant my ex-pupil had told me about; the best hamburger franchise he had ever eaten at, got me thinking. I could kill two birds with one stone. In other words, my objective was to arrive at Covent Garden, and I didn’t need an á la carte menu to satisfy my taste buds.

The authentic double patty and cheese hamburger in a soft tasty bap with salad was delicious. The chips (French fries) were succulent and peppery which suited my palate. Tomato ketchup and mayonnaise came in large reciprocals with pump action dispenser tops to spread easily whilst there were medium size containers for replenishment purposes.

Incidentally, the meal with a large bottle of water cost me just over £18.00 which in the heart of London for such a tasty meal seemed reasonable.

Soon afterwards, another 500 meters brought me to Covent Garden. In the main arcade which has an open floor plan to see the restaurants below and an entrance to Punch & Judy Pub in the corner. I could hear an opera singer from the distance. (see video)

There was a vibrant atmosphere and Christmassy sensation from the large red balls and gold painted bells on the transparent dome shaped ceiling. Fortune was on my side, as when filming inside Covent Garden arcade I managed to catch some of the opera singer who was singing without a microphone. Fortunately, his voice carried very well which encouraged me to go and see him.

Listeners clearly appreciated his words, as one tourist asked me if he was singing from a specific opera piece. To be honest, I hadn’t got a clue; opera wasn’t one of my fortes. Exiting the arcade area some minutes later and walking around to the side of the building towards the Covent Garden tube station; 15 minutes later I ended up in Piccadilly Circus.  

All in all, my day in London had been eventful. It had cured nostalgia while playing an important part of my trip to England. In tomorrow’s part four, I’ll mention my return walk to Victoria station, and present some of the residential areas seen.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Kill two birds with one stone (idiom) = simply means solving two tasks at the same time or with one single action. Meant because on my transition to Covent Garden I ate without going to another location, or needing to arrive and then look for a restaurant i.e., saving time and effort, and ultimately being limited to having to eat in an inexpensive restaurant.  

Convent (n) = nunnery, monastery, abbey, religious foundation, religious community

Succulent (adj) = juicy, moist, tender, delicious, tasty, mouthwatering, (ant) dry

Palate (n) = the top part of the inside of your mounth. A person's palate is also the ability to taste and judge good food and drink: I let my palate dictate what I eat.

Reciprocals (adj) = mutual, give-and-take, joint, shared, common, communal

Dispenser (n) = distributer, distributor, machine, point, slot machine, vending machine

Replenishment (n) = replacement, refill, renewal, top up

Christmassy (adj) = characteristic of or suitable for Christmas. "The band were dressed in festive red to complete the Christmassy feel."

Nostalgia (n) = homesickness, reminiscence, wistfulness, longing, melancholy


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