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London Trip – part five

This is the last episode of my daytrip to London. Though incredible, there is a lot more to see in London. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to share another daytrip to another part of London in the foreseeable future.

The above picture of a residential abode faces the London Eye on the north side of the Thames River. The photo was taken from a public park in front of the residence of multiple residents. This particular park, like many others in the region had been beautifully kept. There were many benches with backrests to sit on and take a break while pondering to appreciate the splendor of a civilized nation. The statue added gusto whilst adding panache.

There are many parks in front of residencies. Planning is well thought out before finalizing projects. Local town halls are very strict when giving out planning permission. This reflects in spacing and what serves locals. There is something very special to walking around London which is highlighted by so many routes to choose from. You could come back time and time again and never get tired.

London is a place that never gets boring. Whether cold, wet and miserable, or in the middle of summer there is a cheerfulness that lightens you up. It has been a centre for settlement, trade, commerce and ceremony since the Roman period, producing a unique historic environment of exceptional richness and significance. 

Finally approaching Buckingham palace via St. James Park, it dawned on me that the day had been wonderful. As mentioned in the last paragraph, there is a cheerfulness that lightens you up. And it really invigorates!

Buckingham Palace has a long history as the house for kings and queens. The last Queen Elizabeth II lived there until she died on September 8th 2022. She was the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022, when her son, Charles took the reign.

Soon after Buckingham Palace, a brief spell was spent sitting on an adjacent wall around the corner in the direction of Victoria station. Whilst there, a policeman blew his whistle and started running after a late teen who appeared to be scarpering off after stealing a tourist’s rucksack.

Although an anticlimax to my visit, it showed the reality that we live in; an overcrowded world, one that suffers from conflicts, and a place that everyone should love and cherish to make a better environment for all.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface    


Vocabulary builder:

Foreseeable (adj) = predictable, probable, likely, imaginable, estimative, calculable, anticipatable, (ant) unforeseeable 

Abode (n) = house, residence, dwelling, habitat, domicile, address, home, place, lodgings

Pondering (adj) = thoughtful, meditative, thinking, brooding, contemplative, lost in thought, preoccupied

Gusto (n) = enjoyment, delight, pleasure, enthusiasm, passion, zest, (ant) apathy

Panache (n) = flamboyance, flair, style, élan, confidence, elegance, spirit, (ant) clumsiness, awkwardness

Highlighted (adj) = tinted, dyed, painted, decorated, emphasized, underlined, stressed, draw attention to

Dawned (v) = emerged, commenced, appeared, it came to my attention

Invigorates (v) = stimulates, enlivens, energizes, animates, rejuvenates, fortifies, quickens, liven up, or give strength or energy to. "The shower had invigorated her." (ant) exhausts

Scarpering (v) = gerund form of to scarper. (syn) bolting, hightailing, fleeing, run away, run for it, run off, get away, clear off, make a getaway

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