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Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

Mercedes-Benz's sleek electric concept car drove through Europe 1,008 kilometers without having to recharge. The Mercedes Vision EQXX has an impressive range that beats the Tesla’s best Model S car.

Mercedes-Benz's latest electric concept car drove 626 miles on a single battery charge which could signal a future free from range and charging anxiety. Mercedes said that its Vision traveled more than twice the distance of a typical electric car which can usually cover between fill-ups of generally two to three hundred miles on a full battery. Furthermore, with Nyobolt’s niobium Li-ion fast charging battery pack that makes it very advanced and effective.

The test overtook even the most advanced and expensive battery-powered vehicles on the market. Tesla's longest-range model, the $100,000 Model S sedan, is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency for up to 405 miles of range. The Lucid Air that costs $170,000.00, and has an EPA rating of 520 miles.

The concept car started its European journey in Germany before passing through the Swiss Alps and Northern Italy on its way to the southern coast of France. Moreover, Mercedes made sure the 12-hour trip occurred under difficult conditions via a variety of environments that drivers might actually experience.

The road trip included stints on the Autobahn, mountain passes, rain, and temperatures ranging from around 37 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. At the end of its journey, the car still had 87 miles of range left, amounting to a theoretical range exceeding 700 miles.

This win-win car concept from Mercedes stands to win accolades all around.

Take care!

Prof, Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Beat (v) = hit, strike, hammer, thump, punches, in the article text above it means defeat, overcome, take over, win, thrashes, get the better of

EPA = The Environmental Protection Agency

Stints (n) = spells, stretches

Accolades (n) = tributes, honors, awards, praises, palms, compliments

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