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British Landmark Mocked

According to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan during his speech, he talks about anti-Muslim hatred and support to the Palestinian cause in Gaza.

At the tax payers’ expense in England, he mocks British values by appeasing migrants when he has been elected to represent London and that should mean following the British government’s view that Hamas, the war instigator of October 7th 2023 is a terrorist organization, and subsequently his job is to play the neutral role, or point out who started the atrocities.

That clearly didn’t occur as can be seen in the video below defending terrorism. Many Muslims aren’t involved, but when we consider only 25% of Muslims in the United Kingdom believe Hamas committed terrorism, it is concerning for the civilized world.

As an Englishman, I find it appalling considering he should represent all the British people in London, and not a select portion of migrants who have been given the privilege to live in London, in the first place. He shouldn’t speak on behalf of a religious group that he just happens to be part of, to support Muslims when Jews have been murdered senselessly by the Palestinian leader’s and terrorist organization, Hamas.

Yes, the death count in Gaza is awful, but when Hamas attacked Israel, they ignored the possibility and likelihood of a retaliatory response from Israel. Every country has a right to defend itself, and go on the offensive. Similarly, Ukraine is defending whilst responding by attacking Russia who invaded 22nd February, 2022. Hamas has to be destroyed for Israel to live in peace without looking over their shoulders all the time, worried that Hamas will attack them again. It is like the whole scenario was created to get the sympathy vote.

The irony is Sadiq Khan used London’s famous Trafalgar Square to make biased opinions that should address our nation and not his personal beliefs. He never mentioned the massive rising of antisemitic hatred that has spiraled out of control in London (his capital). Trafalgar Square is an important landmark and monument to honor Britain’s Captain Nelson who won the battle of Trafalgar. By creating more controversy to already dire circumstances, he is fueling more hatred instead of mollifying Londoners.

The square's name commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar, the British naval victory in the Napoleonic Wars over France and Spain that took place on 21st October 1805 off the coast of Cape Trafalgar (see map) by the side of Gibraltar and near Tangier, Morocco. The site around Trafalgar Square has been a significant landmark since the 1200s.


Pakistani parents raised Sadiq Khan in Tooting, London. He rose to power and with so many migrants coming to the United Kingdom and often living in London, he has managed to build a large group of Muslim followers who have now voted him in as Mayor since May 2016, and has won two successful consecutive terms in office.

However, I felt horrified to witness London’s mayor to be openly supporting the atrocities of the Middle East conflict which in fairness shouldn’t be an open opportunity for him to speak out. Now that he has, it is clear to see why his unwavering support for weekly London demonstrations that support Hamas have created some hostility towards Muslims. Why should law abiding Brits who keep to themselves have to put up with disrespectful foreigners coming to live in our great nation while causing rivalry.

Iran provides Hamas with materiel and financial support, counting it among a coalition of regional allies that includes Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Yemen's Houthis, and various pro-Tehran militias in Iraq and Syria, among other groups.

In other words, England which accordingly brands Hamas as a terrorist organization is having a contradictory force causing riots in London, as well as in other regions of the UK, and to back them up, Sadiq Khan clearly supports an intifada. Should England be submissive to a terrorist devotee?

He also has the control of local policing which is providing unfair contradiction to British values. Only the other day, UK’s Tommy Robinson, a supposedly anti-Islam campaigner was acquitted for disturbing the peace, when if the truth be known he was informing followers of what was going on during a hate march driven by Palestinian (Hamas) supporters chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be FREE.” In other words, to massacre all Jews in the region.

There are some conflicting news reports about Robinson, however, from my research he supports British culture and is against the mockery coming from leaders like Sadiq Khan who has just been cited as ignoring calls to put up a statue of the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Strange how Britain can’t have a statue of admiration for the Queen who brought so much respect from English people and from around the world.

Nevertheless, he got his chance to speak out against what many Londoners’ might feel is condemnation, when actually they have a very different viewpoint based on their cultural values, especially after the holocaust and the atrocities of World War II.

Robinson will be releasing a new video coming out soon which should get everyone’s attention to clarify exactly what is happening in the UK before it becomes impossible to reverse the current trend! Keep your eyes open for its launch.

If you want to see why some Islamists have an agenda against the rest of the world then check out this link.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface    


Vocabulary builder:

Mocks (v) = ridicules, teases, scorns, derides, taunts, make fun of, laugh at, scoff at, poke fun at

Retaliatory (adj) = tit-for-tat, reciprocal, reactive, punitive, revengeful, vengeful, avenging, (ant) forgiving

Irony (n) = sarcasm, dryness, mockery, wit, insincerity, humor, double meaning

Mollifying (adj) = appeasing, peacemaking, pacifying, (ant) provocative




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