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Brazilian Paradise

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

I’ve been pickpocketed and robbed at gun point, and yes, it’s scary and few would have the tolerance to live here from the frightening occurrences perspective, but on positive note, the adrenalin rush has been a blast.

On a worldwide scale, Brazil is often seen from the outside as a land full of problems, dictatorship style presidents, jungle with indigenous inhabitants suffering the consequences of deforestation, violence within communities, favelas commonly known as shacks or shanty towns, or slums that house examples of extreme poverty. There are problems, and some gloomy situations, but if you keep your nose out of trouble, avoid dangerous areas and take precautions then life can be very good.

The beautiful mountainous landscape is extreme and compared to Miami’s flat land it enhances magnificence. Brazilians are loving people that cherish life fully even though for foreigners they find that hard to believe. They are always smiling, and will enter a conversation enthusiastically because life’s enjoyment is for the grabbing. Restaurants are lively venues boasting delightfully tasting food. Night life is fun if you seek entertainment.

Its beaches are immense paradisical panoramas that boast incredibly soft to touch sand. The horizons are unbelievably tempting and bring happiness to everyone. The views are spectacular from every angle and the fact that at least nine months of the year there is sunshine, its warmth helps embrace life and helps get over stress, difficulties, and even insufficiencies. No wonder Brazilians cash in on such beauty!

Of the few destinations visited over thirty-five years such as Jericoacoara-Ceara, Aracaju-Sergipe, Foz de Iguaçu, Ilha Bela, etc., some pictured above, clear memories soothe me. Every time we, my wife and I venture out we have memorable experiences of pleasantness, outstanding touristic spots to visit, breathtaking scenery, beautiful people and human warmth, delicious food, and great weather.

My daughter was even kidnapped over a seven-hour nightly ordeal which turned out to be prisoners based in Rio de Janeiro scamming me very cleverly I might add, using mobile phones. When I finally saw my daughter in front of me the next morning my heart went from heartache to being completely relieved.

Bottom line is there is something special about Brazil.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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