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Brazilian Championship Winners

Atualizado: 12 de dez. de 2023

Palmeiras Football Club have done it again to win the Brazilian Premiership League title “Brasileirão”, headed by Portugal’s Abel Ferreira. This trophy is the second consecutive year win, and apparently the clubs twelfth.

This is Abel’s ninth trophy win for Palmeiras in just three years. No wonder, he’s been promoted to 14th best Football manager in the world. Many international football clubs have considered Ferreira to coach teams such as Nice and PSG-France, Al-Nassr-Saudi Arabia, West Ham-England, amongst others. Even Qatar’s Al-Sadd has been interested in Abel since his early days at Palmeiras. There has even been hype about him going to Al-Sadd and becoming the highest paid football manager in the world.

Plenty of speculation about his future at the club is being thrown around, but at the end of the day, Abel will make the final decision. Due to the hectic match timetable, arbitrational matters, and journalist scandalmongering, his Brazilian departure could be looming.

This friction has caused fatigue to set in, three years overworked schedule exhaustion and stress while making him feel uneasy about his future at the club. After three hard years work, taking a back seat for a year or two, or even a sabbatical could be just what the doctor ordered.

Abel might stay at Palmeiras due to winning Brazil’s top prize which could be the omen he was waiting for, or not. We’ll see in due course!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Hype (n) = publicity, propaganda, buildup, excitement, hysteria, hot air

Scandalmongering (adj) = a person who stirs up public outrage towards someone or their actions by spreading rumors or malicious gossip.

Looming (adj) = impending, pending, forthcoming, approaching, imminent, coming up, on the horizon, imminent

Sabbatical (n) = leave, retreat, study leave, time off, time out, vacation, holiday

Taking a back seat (idiom) = to have or assume a secondary position or status: to be or become less important, active, or powerful. Howard loved directing "more than I even thought I would," and his acting career has taken a back seat ever since.

Omen (n) = sign, warning, forecast, premonition, prophecy, potent, indication

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