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Chilled Out in Brazil

Living a pure (uncomplicated) life is being chilled-out. Moving with nonchalance! Or more clumsily translated, the art of doing nothing. Not rushing to do everything right this minute when it can in fact wait until tomorrow. We need these things more than ever today according to tourism!

Photo: Toque-Toque Grande, São Sebastião, SP

No wonder that these words have become almost marketing tag lines for destinations that excel in them. And within the pure life of Costa Rica, the high regard of the Italian countryside, and the rays of much of the Latin world, there are certain small hotels that embody these goals even more deeply.

They are small, a bit off the grid, but not too arduous to reach, connected with nature and profoundly laid-back. They are places where there are many things to do, but where it’s often best to do nothing at all.

These places aren’t where you are thinking. They are on Brazil’s São Paulo state coastline. Places like the beach of Toque-Toque Grande, São Sebastião, SP, where I was lucky enough to have stayed in a beach front villa which has incredible scenery.

Photo: Beaches Ubatuba, SP

Another incredible location is Ubatuba which is an important tourist city, receiving tourists from many parts of Brazil and served by Gastão Madeira Airport. Ubatuba features over 100 beaches. Among these are Maranduba, Lázaro, Itamambuca, Vermelha, Grande, Enseada, Perequê and Saco da Ribeira. Ubatuba also has an island named Anchieta after José de Anchieta. It has been a nature reserve since March 22, 1977.

The thing is for Brazilians they often think travelling abroad is the answer to chill-out (unwind) in these difficult times. We are living a great moment in history whereby we can harness all the opportunities, and stick local, appreciating the natural beauty of Brazil; a country that offers wonderful landscapes, many beaches, friendly people, and exotic lifestyle.

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Nonchalance (n) = indifference, detachment, insouciance, disinterest, casualness, calmness, casual manner, lack of concern, (ant) interest

Rays (n) = sunlight, brightness, daylight, sunbeams, light

Arduous (adj) = difficult, hard, laborious, demanding, strenuous

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