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Benefits of Regular Exercise

A healthy lifestyle is essential for longevity. It means you have to eat properly, and exercise regularly in order to stay healthy. Experts recommend exercising at least three times a week to maintain good health.

Many people choose to work-out more than the minimum recommended number of days, but busy people should not feel guilty for exercising only three days a week. In fact, there are several good reasons why working out three times a week is beneficial. Fitness training at least three times a week promotes productivity.

Most adults are sleep-deprived, getting only less than six hours per night on average. What these people do not realize is that sleep is crucial to productivity. There are people who go to the gym every day, despite not getting ample sleep, and they are always praised for their dedication and commitment. However, exercising while sleep-deprived may lead to fatigue.

The truth about exercising is that the activity adds stress to the body. This is the reason why you have to be well-rested before and after exercising to prevent your body from overdoing things. People have been taking the words, “no pain, no gain,” literally. Listen to your body more, and you will become more productive.

Health practitioners have been advising adults to engage in physical activity for at least three days a week. The recommendation came from numerous studies, and researchers have found that certain activities can help people lower their risk of developing health issues. The health benefits also include reduced risk of heart disease, depression, weight gain, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and premature death.

Exercising has two components: muscle stimulation and recovery. You stimulate the muscles through training, while recovery happens after working out. These two are crucial to maintaining health and fitness, but people often neglect recovery. While everyone is busy for social life, work, and other activities, post-workout recovery should be prioritized.

It is during recovery that muscle repair occurs to ensure your workout is not wasted. This period includes getting adequate sleep, eating properly, and reducing stress. Without ample rest, your body may succumb to illness and your progress is hampered. Exercising helps improve overall health and better recovery from sickness and injury.

And there is nothing wrong at all with going to the gym three times per week and going for a brisk walk or job on the off days.

When you know that you only have to train three days per week, you will become more consistent with your training. Exercising will also become a lifestyle, and will not make you feel compelled. Over time, you will reap better results because you are less likely to give up.

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Busy (adj) = it means actively occupied with very little personal time. (syn) full of activity, eventful, demanding, full, active, (ant) empty

Deprived (adj) = sleep-deprived means not having enough time to sleep. (syn) run-down, destitute, underprivileged: “Children with poor parents might be deprived of enough food.”

Truth (n) = fact, certainty, reality, actuality, veracity, verity, (ant) untruth

Rested (adj) = refreshed, relaxed, restored, reinvigorated, revitalized

Researchers (n) = investigators, academics, scholars, scientists, students

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