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Today’s English development blog – EDB hits an area to boost planning for the future. It touches on aspirations that are the stimulus to getting on. Roll your sleeves up, whiff smelling salts, and snap into a determination mode.

Aspirations are hopes or ambitions in achieving something. We all have them, especially when younger and climbing up the ladder. Of course, some people’s aspirations are greater than others. However, reaching them is a different story altogether.

Aspirations can determine the path to be successful. Whether achievable or not, people have to try. If unachievable then try again until, or at least try until all hope has gone. If it gets to that stage then perhaps new targets need to be adopted, or one should walk away with one’s head up high, and try something else. Don’t find excuses when desired objectives aren’t reached. Determination and perseverance are fundamental to their attainment.

The key then is to act on aspirations from onset, by taking action that provides the catalyst of momentum. Motion through thrust creates the drive required. Hurdles will need to be surpassed by seeking out resolution solutions.

A resolution encompasses previewing, specializing, generalizing and reviewing the problem. A resolution is a way of looking at it and providing an explanation. A solution can be thought of simply as the answer to a problem.

Going after visions from aspirations is what gives people a sense of purpose. Whether hopes and ambitions are accomplished, the sense of purpose is truly worthwhile, as it is whatever you believe in.

It is your driving force, your motivation, and your guiding light to work towards a life that you think will satisfy you. Your life's purpose is very closely linked to your sense of purpose.

Written by Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Smelling salts (n) cause are a stimulant effect due to the ammonia, which irritates a person's nasal and lung membranes when they sniff it. The result is that the person involuntarily inhales and starts to breathe faster, which sends more oxygen to the brain.

Sense of purpose (n) = the quality of having a definite purpose i.e., purposefulness, meaningfulness, the quality of having great value or significance.

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