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Abel's Decisive Moment

Palmeiras fans are worried about the situation. The coach recently made subtle statements which express his tiredness from the Brazilian football strategy which is hard pushed, and potentially his exit from Brazilian football in 2024.

The obvious question is what are the pros and cons of Abel Ferreira staying at Palmeiras? As he has another year of his contract with Green ‘Verdão’, here are some of the reasons as to why Abel might stay at the club:

  • Personal and family adaptation. Despite complaints about Brazilian football, Abel adapted very well to the country. In other words, the criticisms are restricted to the sporting circle. The coach likes everyday life in Brazil, and even brought his wife and children who according to experts also like living here. In essence it makes sense!

  • Planning and current contract. Palmeiras board's plan is to give Abel a stronger squad by signing up more players. In addition to the arrival of midfielder Aníbal Moreno, at the coach's request, the club intends to sign three or four more players. The coach would most likely welcome such planning to strengthen the team.

  • Relationships with athletes and love for the club. Abel has a huge empathy with Palmeiras and the fans who idolize him like no one else. Furthermore, the coach makes a point of highlighting that there is the "Palmeiras Family", and the close relationship with the workers and players. According to experts, if Palmeiras maintain the team's pillars, it is possible that the coach will be convinced to stay.

Here are some of the reasons why Abel might want to leave the club:

  • Football calendar and reality. Abel's biggest criticism since arriving in Brazil has always been about the reality of the sport. He has increased his tone in recent games and says he is "fed up" with the massive schedule, little rest time, too many press conferences and the intense pressure routine. Exhaustion would be the biggest reason that would lead the Portuguese coach to leave Palmeiras.

  • Arab and European harassment. After receiving recent surveys from Benfica (POR) and Al-Ittihad, from Saudi Arabia, Abel Ferreira should not remain out of the spotlight of the European market anytime soon. The coach is recognized in his homeland for his work at Palmeiras and is often featured in teams in Europe. A proposal from a big club could shake him up into accepting a change.

  • Lack of appreciation of the fans towards the cast and committee. It's not new that Abel publicly defends his athletes and makes fun at Palmeiras fans who, in his opinion, support the team only in victories and good times. In his last press conference, the coach made fun of fans who do not support the club in the stands and show disgust on the internet. Despite knowing that it is only "3%", the Portuguese is uncomfortable with this situation.

If he leaves Palmeiras before his remaining one-year contract terminates, a hefty fine would need to be settled. If another club wants him badly enough and he runs with the offer then he might be able to get the contracting club to settle the sum money due. At the end of the day, he has to make up his mind about his future.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Pros and cons (idiom) = The pros and cons of something are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision.

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