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Abel Ferreira

Atualizado: 28 de mar. de 2023

Palmeiras Football club love Abel who has brought a supernatural approach to team players, fans, and support staff, and all the rest involved in their pride of being Brazil’s premier club.

Since Abel’s arrival he has provided unfaltering encouragement which has upped the game morale, and consequently results have been achieved and prizes won. Palmeiras have reached the top winning trophy after trophy to seal the deal of being a cut above the rest. His charisma has kept the team on their toes, as Abel isn’t a coach to allow his players to fall into disarray. He has kept their spirit alive while maintaining his straightforward attitude which has clearly paid off as it has united the club in their quest to be the best!

Spiritually he’s alive having been a player in Portugal for several years and then even becoming a national team member. Injury cut his days short so transcending into coaching Portugal’s Sporting CP and Braga, then Greece’s PAOK, and currently Brazil’s Palmeiras; his run has spread over its second decade of footballing magic which he has contributed to passionately. Abel is like a beacon of light whose career promises the world.

Strategy plays its role in Abel’s success. He’s a master creator who aims for perfection. He has developed a support crew of four Portuguese coaches; Carlos Martinho, João Martins, Tiago Costa, and Vitor Castanheira who help him build up creative flare by carrying out their roles in fostering result driven forces that bring out individual player ingenuity, so when playing the whole team actively shines!

Ferreira listens to his players, believes in their capacity, and above all builds relationships for the long haul. He has been able to get his players to have conviction in their playing ability and trust in the belief that they can play better than they think, meaning they consistently grow and improve their technique.

This adeptness is huge as his team are able to comprise of the warrior spirit by developing their physical and emotional magnetism to maintain the winning edge.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Unfaltering (adj) = not faltering; steady; resolute, consistent, persistent "Her unfaltering energy and determination"

falter (v) = hesitate, waver, weaken, pause, stutter, vacillate

Disarray (n) = confusion, dismay, disorder, panic, alarm, hysteria, phrenzy, (ant) order

Straightforward (adj) = frank, candid, up-front, direct, honest, open, sincere, straight, humble, unpretentious

Quest (n) = mission, pursuit, search, hunt

Beacon of light (idiom) = a source of light or inspiration

Flare (n) = if you have a flair for a particular thing, you have a natural ability to do it well.

Flair (n) = aptitude, feel, ability, knack, gift, genius, style, panache

ingenuity (n) = inventiveness, cleverness, resourcefulness, imagination, originality, creativity, skill, cunning, initiative

Long haul (idiom) = ordeal, marathon, struggle, endurance test, uphill battle, trek. 1. A long distance (in reference to the transport of freight or passengers). 2. A prolonged and difficult effort or task. In a relationship (idiom) (also be there/here for the long haul, be around for the long haul) to be involved or willing to be involved in an activity or situation for a long time, rather than just a few days, weeks, etc. “Successful investors have to be in it for the long haul.” “He insists he is in the relationship for the long haul.”

Adeptness (n) = expertise, proficiency, skill, adroitness, aptitude, dexterity

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