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Verbs One

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Today’s EDB covers verb usage which needs to be practiced for optimum performance. Try to put the regular or irregular verbs in their correct format. Use either past simple, gerund, or infinitive tense form in each underlined space from the verb chart:

John _______ (like) _______ (play) cricket with his friends. They _______ (be) _______ (have) a classroom break and _______ (decide) _______ (play) on the playing field. It _______ (be) his turn _______ (bat). Martin _______ (play) wicket while Mark _______ (bowl). Mark _______ (take) a long run up to the point where he speedily _______ (bowl) the cricket ball at the wicket.

Martin _______ (crouch) slightly and _______ (concentrate) intensely with his arms and hands ready. John _______ (have) _______ (take) a wild swing _______ (try) and _______ (hit) the ball, as it _______ (be) _______ (come) towards him very quickly. As he _______ (swing) his bat, he _______ (catch) the ball and _______ (send) it _______ (fly) through the air and over the far side fence into someone’s garden.

See answers in tomorrow’s blog.

Written by Carl Boniface

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