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Vegas Trip

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Las Vegas has a stylish aura of grandeur which depicts a happy go lucky phenomena! If you have been to Vegas, you’ll know what I mean. Go along the ‘Strip’ and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see so many uniquely designed while fashionable hotels and casinos are beckoning your custom!

Las Vegas boasts class, a place to fulfill dreams, a mega center of fun! If you haven’t been to Las Vegas before then now is the time to book a trip. Hotel rooms are often subsidized by the inhouse casino and prices range from as little as US$100.00 per day.

Late breakfasts are the rage in buffet style, brunch restaurants which offer a wide-range selection of everything you could possibly imagine, from exotic fruit to shrimp and lobster, large prime steaks to rich desserts. There are different plates for diverse customer needs. And one well-known hotel casino restaurant is Paradise Garden Buffet which is on the ground floor of the Flamingo Hotel Casino. At roughly US$25.00 per person, you can eat as much as you want.

Although Paradise Garden Buffet is closed due to the pandemic, there is a good chance that soon it will accompany the Flamingo Hotel and Casino that is already open for business. When it opens you are likely to see a variety of birds, including, of course, flamingos! The ponds in the garden have Koi fish. Compared to the dark and sometimes smoky interiors of some buffets, it’s a welcome change and makes for a peaceful meal away from the noise of the casino floor.

If you are a discoverer then Las Vegas is the ideal location in the Nevada desert. Apart from hot weather it is a great spot to take a helicopter excursion over the Grand Canyon. See the beautifulness and feel alive in the natural environment. Formed millions of years ago from layers of red rock, 1,904 square miles in total, a mile deep, 277 miles long and 18 miles wide.

A place I visited on a rented Harley Davidson motorcycle back in 2010 was “Red Rock Canyon”, a truly incredible sight. About 300 million years ago, the sand and gravel washed down from the ancestral Rocky Mountains to form alluvial deposits. The ocean basin became more isolated, and these shifts deposited marine shales and limestones. Then oxidation in the iron materials in the sediments resulted in the red color of the rocks.

If you get a chance to visit it is highly recommended for its touristic attractions. Las Vegas is known as the ultimate playground, the city is colorful and vibrant, making it an ideal destination for various travelers looking to explore its entertainment, cuisine, and nightlife scene. Las Vegas attracts visitors from all corners of the world who are looking to explore the city's best tourist fascinations.

Written by Carl Boniface

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Vocabulary builder:

Happy go lucky = trusting cheerfully to luck; happily, unworried or unconcerned

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