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Team Spirit

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Connection between people through common objectives is perhaps the most stimulating experience of all, and no better way to highlight this point is when allied forces came together to beat Hitler and the German war machine in World-War-II. Imagine the climax of war and the bond between the allies and their team spirit that shone stupendously when they overcame the Germans to become victors!

Russia’s bullying tactics against Ukraine have intensified since its 24th February beginning while President Vladimir Putin, like Hitler the maniacal bloodthirsty invader is welcoming supporting allies such as China, North Korea, and Iran although he doesn’t need them, or does he? Thing is, where will it all end? Perfect timing for another Israel-Gaza conflict as well to add more fire to international strife. World-War-III could be around the corner!

In today’s sequence of events, World War III has started, according to Russian TV as Ukraine called a 'Rehearsal'. In an interview with one of his favorite television journalists, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked: “Why do we need the world if there is no Russia in it?” In other words, this team spirit is Putin, Vladislav Surkov, Putin’s top assistant, and the calling for a dominant stance. Putin believes Russia are supreme and better equipped with firepower to crush whoever gets in their way!

The world’s eyes are open to atrocities and powerplay leaders who cause trouble. US Secretary of State, Anthony J. Blinken stated, “We will continue to act with our allies and partners in imposing costs on Russia if it continues its war of choice.” This individual whilst cooperative statement brings those seeking peace closer together and pushes against the war in Ukraine. The longer it endures the stronger we will become sort of thing!

Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s ex-prime minister conveyed England’s undivided support to Ukraine, and as a team initiative during his time at 10 Downing Street visited Ukraine to show it. President Volodymyr Zelensky has hailed the "special" support Boris has given his country in a call to the outgoing UK prime minister. Surely, working together as opposed to fighting each other must be the right decision?

Employees gradually begin to see the company's success as their own. This sense of belonging makes them feel important, and they become incredibly loyal to their company's vision. As a business leader, there is nothing more rejoicing than a devoted workforce.

In your family, you, your partner, and your children depend on and support each other every day. By working together, listening to each other, and giving everyone the attention, they need, your family team will be strong and successful!

Team spirit is behind all great accomplishments even if someone takes the limelight!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Stupendously (adv) = exceptionally, remarkably, strikingly, tremendously, amazingly, impressively, massively, terrifically, extremely, astoundingly, (ant) slightly

Bullying (n) = intimidation, oppression, harassment, victimization, maltreatment, hounding, harrying, discrimination, (v) intimidating

Strife (n) = trouble, conflict, discord, contention, fighting, rivalry, (ant) harmony

Firepower (n) = weapons, arms, guns. Armaments, munitions, military capability

Powerplay (n) = 1. tactics exhibiting or intended to increase a person's power or influence. "The sexual power play of their relationship" 2. offensive tactics in a team sport involving the concentration of players at a particular point.

Endures (adj) = lasts, tolerated, withstood, sustained, suffers, bears

Hailed (v) = acclaimed, acknowledged, saluted, affirmed, greeted, welcomed, addressed,

Limelight (n) = attention, fame, renown, publicity, public interest

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