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Stress-Free Life

A Stress-free life depends on circumstances. Generally speaking, the more responsibilities faced then unless stress-management determines outcome the detrimental effects to health will take their toll.

Life shapes us all, and no better example of this is Jair Bolsonaro, who right now is feeling the pressure of being the underdog in the race for presidential election, 2nd and final vote which will take place on October 30th.

Bolsonaro, the current president of Brazil has had a bumpy ride, taking over power from a weakening economy, facing the coronavirus pandemic, and facing tough opposition to get the country to abide by his rules and extreme right-wing views.

Often criticized for his extreme views he rose to power between 2014 and 2018, when the far-right populist won the presidential election. His surprising victory then was linked to his macho image in regions where men experienced unemployment volume; stereotype men feeling compelled to vote to compensate for a decline in economic and social status.

Many followers came onboard from lack of presidential candidates to choose from while Bolsonaro spoke out, prepared to argue for his rights, and then followers felt his tough line views were a pleasant change from the political turmoil of the period.

However, there is no doubt, the opposition sees him as a dictator, a person like Mussolini for his helmetless motorcycle rally antics, his Putin sympathizer support by not taking a viewpoint on Ukraine and the innocent death toll, his controversial attitude toward the epidemic, the high number of Brazilian deaths in relation to worldwide figures, and his ego which is clearly evident by his outspoken behavior.

Certainly, he must be highly stressed with his desperate pleading to gain more admirers which seems to be partially working right now. New fans are getting involved by the conviction in his voice. He touches the hearts of many who fall into his macho charisma.

He steers the crowds like a flock of innocent sheep, using psychology to connect the worries and fears of people by blaming others. He attacks others, and then turns the tide as if he doesn’t attack others all the time during his speeches. He mentions the criticism towards religious leaders, but then should religion be involved with the direction of Brazilian politics?

The picture he has created is of a man highly stressed, desperately trying to make everyone think he is the chosen one and will be able to resolve every part of Brazilian politics, its culture, and values.

Take care,

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Flock (n) = a group of sheep. Sometimes ranchers refer to large groups of sheep as their herd.

Turns the tide (idiom) = reverse the trend of events. "The air power helped to turn the tide of battle."

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