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Short Break 2

Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

Getting away from the everyday monotony of city life makes costly short holidays a worthwhile extravagance necessary to keep sane. Seeing incredible whilst unique sights makes travelling for long distances equally vital in today’s busy environment.

One place my wife couldn’t visit was Holed Stone “Pedra Furada”, about a kilometer to the east of Jericoacoara fisherman’s village. Impossible to drive to the site, I had the option of taking a donkey cart. However, opting to go at the crack of dawn meant they weren’t available, hence a trek along the coastline seemed to be an exciting alternative.

To get there the uphill hike took the wind out of me before plodding down a sandy track and navigating around several awkward positioned rocks and stones through a thin walkable passage. It was a fairly steep decline down to the sandy while stony shore line.

Rocks are made of smaller stones and stones are made from rocks. Rocks can be described as a large piece of stone that is difficult to be carried in the hand. On the other hand, stone is just a small piece or pebble that can be carried in the hand. Rocks are heavier than stones.

Finding my balance over rocks spread along the beach wasn’t easy, so trainers were used to adhere more efficiently. Eventually, after a little effort and a few potentially dangerous stretches the Holed Stone was reached. I was chuffed to have stretched myself and gone the distance. The tide was still low so I wasn’t worried about getting caught off guard.

Another place I visited was Lazy Tree “Árvore Preguiçosa” which means a tree that lays horizontally instead of the customary vertical direction. Like mangroves where trunks of growths intertwine with each other the beauty of this particular tree is its unique appearance. Wondering why such trees would grow this way, I asked a local travel agent who informed me it was because of the high winds which blew them down. Apparently, during the dry months between July and December when rain is scarce, the Atlantic Ocean blows intense gusts of wind.

Being in the proximity of the sea, perhaps 100 to 150 meters away when the tide is low there is a certain swampish area that stays wet under the sand. Therefore, the few sporadic trees in the region are nourished, as they are fed constantly via their deep tree roots below the ground. As mentioned in my previous blog surfing sports are well practiced in the region, and the strong winds would also explain why Kitesurfing is the rage!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Chuffed (adj) = pleased, content, satisfied, happy, delighted

Caught off guard = means taken by surprise. In the case of the article the tide was still low and far out, so it would have taken several hours to come up over the shore line, hence there was nothing to worry about.

Gusts (n) = squalls, draughts, drafts, flurries, breezes, blasts, puffs, blast of air, gust of air

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