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Self Communication

Prisoners in penitentiaries have a lot of free time to talk to themselves. Personal inner communication is their ally (friend) when faced with stiff (severe) prison sentences. Developing their spiritual side is dynamite when facing long periods segregated (separated) from the rest of society while keeping sane (well-balanced).

You need to ask yourself with whom you speak the most. Several people I’ve asked have responded my wife, husband, mother, or best friend, etc. But in truth (fact) we communicate with ourselves all day long. Like a motorized vehicle which for arguments sake has an automatic transmission – AT unit, its module control sends command signals that tell it when to shift gears automatically.

Of course, in no way can we compare an AT system to the level of intelligence we are able to provide. Leonardo da Vinci actually designed the first AT system with the continuously variable transmission known as CVT in 1490. The first patent, on the other hand, was taken by Daimler and Benz 1886, but it became popular only in the 1950s when the Dutch company van Doorne introduced the transmission to its DAF buses without gears.

Don’t forget, the first computer should remind us of the modern machines we see today which was invented by English inventor Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871. He developed a device, the analytical engine, and worked on it for nearly 40 years. It was a mechanical computer that was powerful enough to perform simple calculations. The point here is we all share the same potential, and therefore self-communication is what propels (boosts) us.

Communication and artificial intelligence (AI) are closely related. Technologies such as machine translation of human languages, spoken dialogue systems like Siri, algorithms capable of producing publishable journalistic content, and social robots are all designed to communicate with users in a human-like way.

Beyond this, our choices of behavior, our thoughts, and even how we allow others to treat us, are important communications to ourselves, from ourselves. Developing effective ways of communicating well with yourself is an imperative aspect of overall health and happiness.

Written by Carl Boniface

P.S. Our mind is a powerful tool. Learn to self-communicate wisely and see growth.

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