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The big R is an area I have been told is a no-go zone. In other words, it isn’t a subject that should be written about, as it can cause differences of opinion, or even massive arguments, and as an English teacher the last thing I should be doing is upsetting my students.

Fortunately, my students are Christians which means we share similar values. First and foremost, I’m no expert of religion. Yes, my parents, principally my mother used to go to church once and a while for special occasions like Easter or Christmas, or weddings and baptisms. My three brothers and I were dragged along, and although it was customary, in fairness it wasn’t an event I could say got me excited. Sundays were usually spent in Sunday school, a hall around the corner to the local church (see snap) where children would gather, and spend the afternoon playing whilst being monitored by volunteers.

Nevertheless, following Jesus is about the way we behave as well as what we believe. It is a baseline, somewhere to begin and use as standard to guide us through life. The Commandments set out fundamental principles of how we are to treat God and how we are to treat our fellow human beings. For centuries they were at the centre of what Christians learned about their faith.

Interestingly, I believe in God (a one for all God), do not observe any religious practices unreservedly, however, I suppose I use some of the commandments which make total sense for anyone who cares about others, and commits to values that create love and peace.

I married a Jew forty years ago, and we are still deeply in love, so that tells you something. Tolerance is key to adjusting acceptance and understanding that others have their reasoning. Placing yourself in other people’s shoes really does allow me to grow intellectually. However, when others insist that it has to be their way or the highway it makes me want to stop and analyze, especially if my intuition warns me to the contrary or signals unfairness.

Presently, there are warmongers around the world that are greedy and in need to satisfy their hunger for change with no respect for others. It really does have to be their way or the highway, and they are prepared to go overboard, in order to carry out their plans. They want to squash those opposers and middle-ground Christian, Muslim, or Jewish loving and peaceful people in their way.

This is nothing new. Over the centuries there have been wars waged, and battles fought to win ground and dominate the world. I think for most people it is like going to the cinema to watch a war film, or conspiracy whereby there are the goodies and the baddies! Take World War II, Hitler was the biggest tyrant of the last century. After 60 million deaths the world had had enough. People wanted peace!

Now though, we are seeing the resurrection of hate due to greed and intolerance. So, without mentioning any specific country or region, it is suggested you think about peace and love. If persons good or bad could come to the consensus to stop bullying others then world order would be a thing of the past, and the human race could thrive in harmony.

This synergetic approach would definitely make the world a much nicer place to live.

Love and peace!

Prof. Carl Boniface  


Vocabulary builder:

Baseline (n) = zero, starting point, point of departure, reference point, starting position, standard, model, criterion

Unreservedly (adv) = totally, completely, utterly, absolutely, wholeheartedly, unconditionally, enthusiastically, (ant) reticently

Intellectually (adv) = intelligently, knowledgeably, logically, cerebrally, rationally, mentally, academically, in your head, (ant) emotionally

Warmongers (n) = aggressors, belligerents, hawks, (ant) peacemakers

Greedy (adj) = grasping, materialistic, acquisitive, covetous, avaricious, (ant) generous

Consensus (n) = agreement, accord, harmony, compromise, consent, unanimity, (ant) disagreement

Synergetic (adj) = like synergistic meaning synergetic, cooperative, harmonious, coactive, collaborative, united, interactive

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