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New British Police

A Christian preacher condemned by five British police over allegations from one person that he was causing preacher hate crimes. Check out the following video to meet the priest who explains.

Britain is being destroyed by new Police rhetoric that favors Hamas supporters because every Saturday there are FREE Palestinian demonstrations in London, and these fanatics can chant against a democratic country that abide by the rules with hateful oratory.

The police monitor, but don’t arrest them for such pejorative claims. The irony is British Government says, “Membership and expressing support for Hamas is an illegal act in the UK, punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Dozens of countries, including the United Kingdom and United States, as well as the European Union, have designated it a terrorist group.”

True British born and raised protestors are calling it two-tier policing. The police always had high standards, but today they seem to be supporting the opposition. Anyone who was brought up in the years that followed World War Two is fully aware that Hitler and his German mob were carrying out terroristic barbarity.

If allowed Hamas would repeat October 7th, so understandably the war waged against them and there underground tunneling system where they hide is spread all over Gaza. Therefore, is there any other way to kill the disease?

Clearly not, as appeasing them through negotiation, doesn’t work, as demonstrating by all the different Palestinian governing authorities in the past. Palestinians are not prepared to accept a two-state solution.

Weekly demonstrators call for FREE Palestine from the river to the sea which means destroy Israel, and many ignorant or genocidal maniac supporters go along with these chants. Where are the British police when needed?

Are the British Police to allow such aggression? On one hand activists who do not agree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s IDF front of attacking innocent lives in Gaza are touted to favor Hamas’s regime. Then calling it genocide by international organizations is fueling more hatred. The hostages have not been returned, so why should Israel lower its guard and stop the retaliation?

U.S. President Joe Biden strongly defended Israel in May, saying Israeli forces are not committing genocide in their military campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza in a rejection of criticism from pro-Palestinian protesters.

"What's happening in Gaza is not genocide. We reject that," Biden said at a Jewish American Heritage Month event at the White House.

Biden has faced protests at many of his events around the country from pro-Palestinian advocates who have labeled him "Genocide Joe" for his steadfast support for Israel.

The bottom line is the British police are the new British policing which incorporates backing from Sadiq Khan the London Mayor. As a devout Muslim and advocate to developing London for the Muslim majority of 54%, and commissioner of the police, he favors Palestinian marches and is certainly behind policing methods.

With this in mind, I’m inclined to ask, to what extent Khan plays a role in the two-tier policing system?

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been blasted for suggesting that Hamas terrorists and the Israeli government should be equally condemned over their actions in Gaza. The senior Labour politician spoke out after being re-elected for a third term in the capital.

Finally, police are being investigated, and in some cases held accountable!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface 


Vocabulary builder:

Oratory (n) = debating, discussion, rhetoric, declamation, speechifying, speechmaking. Public speaking

Pejorative (adj) = disapproving, judgmental, harsh, scornful, derogatory, negative, sneering

Touted (v) = advertised, hyped, publicized, ballyhooed, flaunted, pushed

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