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GB Pride

Atualizado: 6 de jun.

It is never too late to take a stand. Great Britain has risen to express discontent with the situation which is becoming very contradictory to the values of the people, the way they were brought up, their culture, and their friendly peaceful acceptance of others.

Tolerance is at an all time high and it is about time the British people were listened to before things get worse. On Saturday, 1st June, the Houses of Parliament demonstration took place and thousands of British citizens met to air their thoughts and feelings. The press however, humiliated their views by focusing on extinguishing the whole point of the turnout and twisting it into a hate march.


The TV news is distorted calling ralliers fascists, but the government isn’t listening to its people while London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan was more concerned about the Ramadan celebrations than St. George’s day.

Great Britain represents England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Once, the United Kingdom was a powerful force, but nowadays they have corrected their imperialistic endeavors from the past. English people are now down to earth, peaceful, and respectful. The UK welcomes diversity and has opened its arms to receive refugees.

In a nutshell, radical Islamists are stamping their desires to implement Sharia Law which means they are not satisfied within the UK culture. Violence has risen, and prisons have more Muslim inmates. They are not prepared to integrate. Knifings are common. Antisemitic chants occur when they hold their weekly demonstrations to free Palestine from the river to the sea; it is upsetting to see such hatred.

The fact remains, Islamist do not accept different religious views. They hate Jews, they want to destroy Israel, and they want to dominate Europe. Although many Muslims are law abiding and peaceful, it is clear to see that given the current circumstances the Western world needs to understand the clear hatred many hold.

This report has been put together after observing several YouTube reports. My advice would be to tread carefully and research more if you want a more informed understanding.


Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Another man’s film about the demonstration in London:

Find out more about Islamic statistics:

A very serious interview about radical Islam:

Vocabulary builder:

St. George’s day = he was canonised in AD 494 by Pope Gelasius, who claimed he was one of those 'whose names are justly revered among men but whose acts are known only to God'. A feast day of St George has been celebrated in England for hundreds of years on 23 April, which was possibly the date of his martyrdom.

AD = Anno Domini (= in the year of the Lord), used to show that a year is after the year in which Jesus Christ is thought to have been born

Down to earth (adj) = If you say that someone is down-to-earth, you approve of the fact that they concern themselves with practical things and actions, rather than with abstract theories.

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