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Proper Breathing

Essential for life, breathing is the key to the whole range of body functioning. Oxygenation indicates having the sustenance to go beyond the realms of immortality. A bold statement without scientific evidence, but then what if longevity was greatly moved by proper breathing.

Proper breathing signifies getting enough oxygen to flush out impurities, help reduce blood pressure, take away anxiety, and provide a sense of strength and conditioning to grow. Afterall, nature provides the catalyst for living in full harmony with the elements of nature. However, as humans we are built to survive, enhance the quality of life, and as well we can find ways to extent lifespan. Instead of relying 100% on doctors to cure us we need to prevent illnesses ourselves by developing healthy habits to improve healthspan; leading to longevity. Imagine how the pharmaceutical companies would suffer LOL.

Oxygenation of the blood is a key function of the lungs, but it is so much more because it feeds the whole body. Our bodies are our shrine and therefore require TLC – tender loving care. During my lifetime I have heard that we are what we eat. In other words, what we consume feeds us, and consequently mind and body performance are based on good quality food. Like athletes eat for maximum results, we also need to consume high quality nutrition to reap the rewards.

Proper breathing though supplies the missing factor to abundance. Plentifulness is richness and the wealth of health. Clearly, it is more complicated than written in my short blog because there are several areas that go hand in hand with the overall concept of extending lifespan and at what cost which we never even touched. It’s a subject that intrigues me!

To increase longevity it takes commitment, as it takes time to develop winning habits, and we all know time is a priceless commodity. Time can’t be replaced. Good rituals can though, so the quicker we commit by focusing part of our day to good habits can only enhance the outcome.

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Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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Vocabulary builder:

Range (n) = variety, choice, series, assortment, array, kind, collection, scope

Realm (n) = kingdom, monarchy, dominion, empire, land, territory, jurisdiction, country, state

Flush out (phrasal verb) = the phrase flush out means to force water or another liquid through and out of something (like a pipe), typically as a way of cleaning it or clearing it out.

Flush (adj) = even, level, true, flat, (ant) uneven, not flat

Oxygenation of the blood = blood oxygenation is the measure of oxygen present in arterial or venous blood, while the measure of oxygen present in the vascular tissue or microvascular bed is referred to as tissue oxygenation.

Shrine (n) = temple, memorial, monument, sanctuary, tomb

Tender (adj) = sensitive, loving, caring, affectionate, fond, kind, kindhearted, compassionate, (ant) rough

Reap (v) = gain, earn, win, acquire, realize, (ant) lose

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