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Positivism Series 001

The day ahead provides plenty of opportunity to excel. Likewise, every day offers a fresh view to take the right course of action. If we make the right choices then we create the momentum to achieve something phenomenal.

Daily steps of excellence allow us to tap into our fountain of youth. Irrespective of age, we have the inner power to grow by encapsulating the very spirit needed to provide strength and power to take it to the next level. Challenge yourself to keep growing!

The fountain of youth can be achieved by your ability to communicate. In reality, communication lies within our inner self. This skill enables us to make wise decisions that will make the catalyst to effectively enhance outcome day after day.

Planning and organization are important. As well, we need to take maximum advantage of our bodies by eating three or four well balanced meals a day. Nutrition of protein such as eggs, meat, or fish, then carbs such as rice, potatoes, or pasta, and vegetables and or salad.

Daily exercise is also required, as a meaningful life with proper sleeping habits are essential to reach success. Anybody can do it. Small daily steps add to any accomplishment worth earning. Set your goals and begin motion to make them reality.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Irrespective (adv) = regardless, notwithstanding, nevertheless, nonetheless, unrelatedly

Meaningful (adj) = significant, important, deep, profound, having an important effect, (ant) insignificant, meaningless

Accomplishment (n) = achievement, triumph, success, deed, feat, exploit, realization

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