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Palmeiras 2023

After losing Danilo, the beginning to Palmeiras football season has been intriguing for Abel Ferreira who is totally committed to the club’s success. So much so that he has dedicated all his might by not only concentrating enthusiastically, but going above board to find an immediate solution that adheres to the team’s ongoing success from 2021 and 2022.

Abel praised team results by Zé Rafael and Gabriel Menino as a way to replace Danilo at Palmeiras. During an interview coach Abel explained tactical changes in the positioning and role of the team's starting midfielders.

The team beat Inter de Limeira 2-0 last Thursday 9th February at Allianz Parque. In a press conference after the match, Abel Ferreira explained the tactical role played by Zé Rafael, who has been playing a little further back to fill in the absence of Danilo, sold to Nottingham Forest in England. In this way, Gabriel Menino gains freedom to play more offensively.

When the player has an open heart and mind, it is much easier to understand what the team needs. Zé, even when partnered with Danilo, recovered many more balls. He's smart, he understands the game, said the coach.


We are making Zé, Danilo, the new boy on the block. The club knows what it takes and are making the effort to create it. I want him to make the effort because we have to follow our plan, he concluded.


Palmeiras have won a string of their last games on the trot and are coming along nicely! With Abel’s dynamics, I’m certain the team will provide the performance of the champion club it is.


Zé Rafael talked about the new dynamics of the Palmeiras midfielder: 'I've been doing the job efficiently. I am happy with my performance

Midfielder Zé Rafael has been one of the highlights of Palmeiras at the start of the season, and playing in a different position than he was used to in 2022. If last year he was a second midfielder, now, in 2023, he has been playing the role left by Daniel.

There should be a lot more to come from Palmeiras in 2023.

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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